On Tuesday 28th March 2023, the University was delighted to host a delegation from the ATID International education network.

Led by Dr Abigail Adin Surkis, Head of Languages, the ATID delegation comprised of high school principles and members of ATID's R&D department. ATID is a multicultural network that focuses on education, vocational training and development of professional knowledge and skills. The network's intention for this visit was to gain knowledge of the integration of digital skills in the process of learning and teaching, WP student inclusion and the shifting role of educators in today's HE environment.

During the visit the delegation met with members of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CLT), including Dr Christopher Bonfield, Marie Salter, Yvonne Moore, Robert Eaton and Abby Osborne, to discuss the growing impact of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, on teaching, learning and assessment in HE, and the benefits and risks embracing such technologies in future curricula brings.

The visitors also had the chance to learn more about the work of the University's Climate Action Team at Bath, with a case study of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the MA Education presented by Dr MariCarmen Gil Ortega of the Department of Education and Nick Schantz, CAF Education Programme Officer.

The delegation finished their visit with a workshop entitled 'Tackling NEET Toolkit' run by research associate Alison Douthwaite. The NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) toolkit was developed as part of a 3.5 year EU-funded research project (Orienta4YEL), in which the University of Bath led the UK study. This toolkit aims to support educators in effectively tackling early school leaving and NEEThood by utilizing a 'Pathway to Change'. This workshop established new dialogue for the network to implement this research into the educational institutes within the ATID network.