As part of Be Well week and to continually support the wellbeing of our students, Student Services have launched a new wellbeing app called Be Well. The app will complement our existing Be Well initiatives such as Talk Now to give students practical wellbeing tools at their fingertips.

Centred around the five ways to wellbeing (Be Active, Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give), Be Well builds on recognised strategies to help manage wellbeing.

The Be Well app lets users:

  • explore a range of self-help tools such as podcasts, blogs, wellbeing trackers, exercises and more
  • track their wellbeing and set achievable habits
  • use the AI Charley to identify and set daily habits
  • find out about, and sign up to wellbeing events and activities
  • take part in regular wellbeing challenges and become part of a community
  • find information and signposting for immediate or ongoing wellbeing support.

There is also a news feed providing advice and support based on the student journey and the self-help catalogue gives students the tools to help manage wellbeing positively and effectively.

Anthony Payne Director of Student Services commented…

“We are really excited to be able to launch the Be Well app which will complement our existing services and resources to support the wellbeing of our student community.

"Having a digital wellbeing platform will help students proactively manage their wellbeing in an engaging and accessible way. The app is built on well-known clinical principles such as the 5 ways to wellbeing, is home to a significant library of resources and will be accompanied by content provided by our own services and therapeutic teams.

"As we continue to invest in the wellbeing of our students and respond to feedback and insights, this app will provide a further tool for students to look after their wellbeing and build positive habits."

The Be Well app is free. Students will need to register using their University of Bath email address. It is available for download from: