From the rise of China to radical and rapid technology shifts changing the ways in which we live and work, this week’s IPR Symposium ‘This is Tomorrow’ will debate major future challenges faced by policymakers.

Speakers at the event at the University of Bath will address fundamental challenges affecting our future, including AI and climate change, and the ways in which new policy can bring about positive change for all.

Sessions for the one-day annual IPR Symposium cover the rise of China, with keynote speaker, author and broadcaster, Martin Jacques; global security and climate change; the future of AI and ethics; and the future of welfare systems, asking how welfare systems should evolve to face changing pressures and demands.

Across these different themes, world-renowned experts, policymakers and practitioners will each expand on global development and concerns to shed light on what the future might hold.

IPR Director, Professor Nick Pearce, explained: “We are delighted to welcome over 200 policymakers, academics, experts, and local and national citizens to our Annual IPR Symposium at the University of Bath this year.

“The event comes at an obviously crucial time for the UK and Europe, but also the wider world, in the context of accelerating climate breakdown and extensive geo-political turbulence. We look forward to debating alternative futures for humanity – whether on climate change, warfare, migration, welfare and work - with leading thinkers, from the UK and beyond.”

In addition to international speakers who will be part of the event, ‘This is Tomorrow’ will include contributions from University of Bath researchers Professor David Galbreath, Dr Rachid Hourizi and Professor Jane Millar, as well as Nick Pearce.

For media wishing to attend some or part of the session please email