All the evidence tells us that taking a proactive approach to stress management − focusing on prevention and early intervention − is beneficial. Therefore to mark this day, taking place on Wednesday 1 November, we are highlighting a range of resources to support you to tackle stress in the workplace and to promote good mental wellbeing whatever your role.

If you are a people manager, your role in preventing and managing stress is crucial and this Managing Mental Wellbeing at Work training session is designed to support you do so effectively and confidently.

Mental health and wellbeing training sessions for staff are available on a range of topics such as Manage energy, not time, Resilience and wellbeing and Pressure, stress and performance. These 90 minute interactive workshops are independent of and complementary to each other and are suitable for all staff who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in managing mental health, stress, resilience and wellbeing.

The Workplace Wellbeing Wheel is a resource that we can all use. It's a handy tool that is linked with the Health and Safety Executives Management Standards and can be used in your everyday work life, as it outlines the areas that are associated with health and wellbeing at work. Starting in January, we will be launching a Workplace Wellbeing Wheel workgroup project that will:

  • introduce you to the tool
  • guide and support you with developing an action plan, and
  • evaluate the outcomes to develop case studies for others to benefit from

If you would like to take part, please fill in this form to express your interest or email

Our Staff Wellbeing Networks and Champions offer great opportunities to find a listening ear, advice and signposting to helpful resources. Find out more about how to get in touch.

As an employee at Bath, you can access free and confidential help and advice whenever you need it. Care first offers access to a team of professional counsellors 24-hours a day. They also provide practical support and advice on a range of topics and information.

There are many good reasons for tackling stress in the workplace, and everyone has a part to play, at every level of the University. Find out more in the Work-Related Stress and Wellbeing Policy.