As the winter break approaches, please join us in our efforts to reduce unnecessary energy consumption on campus over this period. Your individual actions can make a big impact during this time to reduce our energy usage as part of our ongoing commitments to respond to the climate emergency. Together, we can help reduce our impact on the environment and save money.

  • Over a typical Christmas break, our University spends approximately £135,000 on energy. Some of this is essential (such as for student accommodation and some lab equipment), but there is a lot we could do to reduce this.
  • The University has committed to achieve net zero gas and electricity emissions by 2030 and we’ll only achieve this with everyone’s help.
  • As with everyone else, our energy bills have increased and are projected to reach £14m this year (they used to be about £6m/year).
  • Your contribution can help reduce our carbon footprint and costs.

Here's how you can help:

  • Switch off all electronics and lights completely before leaving your office, lab, or department. Please refer to the attached office and lab checklist for helpful reminders.
  • Ask if things that are normally left on can be turned off.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Turn radiators down to 1 on the dial.
  • Have food in the staff fridge and pantry that has been forgotten about but hasn’t been spoiled? Before you empty and turn off your office fridge, donate food to charity collection points (outside Fresh and The Market, in the Lime Tree, Virgil Building and Dartmouth Avenue) or to the community larder outside Fresh.
  • Report any faults or issues in university-managed buildings to the Estates helpdesk.

Find out more about our staff Christmas Switch Off and share your pledge with us for a chance to win a £20 hospitality voucher plus other climate action goodies.

Save energy at home too!

For anyone that would like to save energy and money on bills at home, here are some useful links:

Let’s all work together towards building a sustainable future for our University and the planet. Thank you for your contribution and we hope you all enjoy a wonderful (and sustainable) winter break!