Dimitris, a PhD student studying the politics of Venezuela in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences, tragically passed away on 22 December 2021 following complications related to the treatment for leukemia.

Dr Theo Papadopoulos, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences, said, “It is very hard to write an obituary for someone who is younger than you, especially someone who was not only a fellow traveller in politics but also a close friend. Dimitri was all three for me. I was his PhD supervisor; we shared the same passion for democratic and socially progressive politics and policies; but above all he was a close and loyal friend.

“We both originated in Greece but we both saw ourselves as citizens of the world. A true internationalist, Dimitris’ passion was Latin America and, eventually, Venezuela became not only his adopted country but also his object of study and his expertise.

“He was meticulous at offering fact-based analysis and balanced opinions on what was and remains the highly politically charged landscape of Venezuela’s political economy. As a result, his commentaries and opinion pieces were sought after by numerous local and international media and he was a frequent contributor to well-known newspapers like the Financial Times, New York Times and Folha de Brazil. His analysis was quoted in dozens of articles in major newspapers and news agencies such as Associated Press, Reuters, WSJ, Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC Mundo, ABC Spain and others.

“He will be greatly missed by colleagues and friends.”

We know that Dimitri’s death will affect fellow students, friends and staff and a range of support is available for our students and staff: