Emily Commander joined us as Head of Strategic Governance on 19 August.

The new post will support Council in promoting governance best practice and developing a culture of openness and transparency. The post, which is accountable to the Chair of Council, will be Secretary to Court, Council and Convocation

Emily has a range of experience in governance with over 15 years in Parliament, including roles with the Select Committees for Public Administration and Culture, Media and Sport, and as Deputy Head (Legislation) in the Scrutiny Unit in the House of Commons.

She has also built up international governance experience over five years with the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments in Geneva which researches improvements to parliamentary law, procedure and practice as part of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the global organisation of national parliaments.

Emily additionally brings knowledge of the HE sector and joins us from the Arts and Humanities Research Council where she was strategic lead for public policy.