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Anti-racist futures: Exploring possibilities from transatlantic slavery to decolonial praxis

A group visit to the M: Shed Museum followed by an on-boat discussion.


2:30pm - 7pm Wednesday 14th June. At the Bristol Harbour.


This is an event organised to promote cohort development around anti-racist themes and to facilitate relations within people working in similar issues in academia. The activity comprises two parts. First, a self-guided museum tour of 1.5 hours to explore the main exhibition at the M: shed. And later, a pair/group activity might be organised to find “common-basis” to discuss while taking a boat tour on Bristol’s Floating Harbour.

Event open to:

Any doctoral student, early career-researcher or academic interested in or working on the topic of racism, decolonial frameworks, indigenous epistemologies, black identities, etc.

Information and Register

Register for the event here