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Apply mechanical engineering knowledge to industry-inspired projects

Projects are a core part of our undergraduate degrees. You'll work in teams and individually to develop your skills and use what you learn practically.

Launch of the university racing submarine, a group of students in wet suits surround the craft.
You can join one of our teams and build a car, drone or human-powered submarine to race in UK and international competitions.

Individual and group projects

The most enjoyable part of the course so far has been the group work. It's a chance to apply all the theoretical knowledge you've picked up to a real-world problem and see how it all fits together.

Project and design work is a major part of all our undergraduate courses. You'll take part in individual and group projects using departmental studios, a well-equipped model shop and laboratory teaching labs. You'll also have access to our modern research facilities, which are fitted with the latest technology. This is similar to the equipment you could use in industry when you graduate.

During your degree, you'll work on:

  • a spring-propelled dragster design project
  • a design and build project
  • engineering laboratory investigations
  • modelling and simulation computer projects
  • a group business and design project
  • an individual project

Typical projects

Many of the projects balance what you've learnt with practical work. This is so that you experience designing, developing and constructing a product. For their individual and group projects, some of our current and past students have worked on:

You can read more about our students' experiences of project work on our blog.

Benefits of the project and design work

Project and laboratory experiment structure

During your first two years you'll learn about:

  • workshop practice
  • experimental methods
  • data analysis
  • prototype build of design projects
  • common engineering machines

In your third year, you'll put your knowledge into practice. The second semester is dedicated to an industry-sponsored group business and design project. This helps you develop your technical, design, teamwork, financial planning, management and marketing skills.

The second semester of your final year of study is devoted to an individual project, where you can focus on a specialist topic. You can choose a subject you find interesting, industry-sponsored research associated with your placement year, or an engineering project based on research our postgraduates and academics are doing.

Because projects are central to your degree, we celebrate the culmination of your hard work in an annual Design and Project Exhibition. This is a chance for you to showcase your portfolio to industry guests, your peer group, and the department.

Watch our video below to find out more about our final-year student Fay's individual project. Watch more of our final-year students' projects.

Watch a final-year project video

Facilities to support your project work

We have exceptionally well-equipped teaching and research laboratories. These include:

  • 100 PC stations
  • a design activity centre
  • an undergraduate model shop
  • undergraduate teaching labs
  • a Formula Student lab
  • a sub-sonic wind tunnel
  • a metal 3D printer
  • a composite autoclave
  • engine test cells
  • a rolling road dynamometer
  • a multi-axis vibration rig
  • manufacturing laboratories

We design our labs and workshops to be similar to industrial workspaces, offering you an insight into the way professionals work.

Jos Darling, Admissions Tutor, takes us on a tour of facilities