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Centre for Climate Adaptation & Environment Research

Our research ranges from enhanced understanding of climate change to developing mitigation and adaptation suitable for our natural and built environment.

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What we do

Director, Kevin Paine, and Co-Directors, Corwin Wright and Lee Bryant talk about the research we're doing and why it's so important to the future of our planet.

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Research themes

Our research is broadly grouped under six key themes with interdisciplinary crossover.

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Sustainable natural resources, food and water security, and public health

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Water management, coastal protection, ecosystem restoration, and nature-based infrastructure

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Resilient buildings and resilient energy, transport, and urban infrastructure.

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Decarbonisation of industrial and agricultural processes, carbon sequestration, and carbon capture.

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Atmospheric dynamics, and weather-related research

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The climate system, including its variability, and the causes of climate change.

Latest stories

Read about what's new in our research centre.

Using bacteria to create spontaneous self-healing concrete

We're developing the first ‘smart concrete’ in the UK, using encapsulated bacteria to make structures that can heal and repair cracks and defects themselves.

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Research projects

Find out about our ongoing projects.


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Locating resource efficiency at the heart of future industrial strategy in the UK.

Work and study with us

We welcome PhD students to join us, as well as collaborative opportunities with industry. Find out more about what we offer.

About us

We research the increasing threat of extreme weather events resulting from both anthropogenic climate change and natural processes. The scale of this challenge demands multi- and transdisciplinary system-level changes across all aspects of society. We cover:

  • interactions between the atmosphere and other components of the Earth system
  • developing technologies to mitigate climate change through decarbonisation and carbon sequestration -strategies for adapting to climate-driven effects

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