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Aurora Leadership and Development Programme

This programme is aimed at women up to Senior Lecturer level, or equivalent in professional services, to develop the leadership side of their careers.

The programme

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Aurora is a women-only leadership programme organised nationally by Advance HE, now in its ninth year and with over 7000 alumnae across higher education. It is aimed at enabling more women to develop the leadership side of their careers and so redress the deficit in women at senior level in the sector.

The programme is based on mentoring, self-directed learning and workshop events at which delegates from many institutions come together to hear from expert speakers and work on their own challenges. For 2021/22, the programme will be entirely online, and cohorts will be formed from institutions across a geographical region in order to build the networks that have been a valuable feature of the face-to-face events.

The University is committed to engage in the initiative and this year will be supporting 15 participants to attend the programme. There is a competitive application process for these places, which are available to women in job grades 7 to 9 in the Education and Research Job Family, and grades 7 to 8 in other job families.

Professor Linda Newnes, is the University’s Aurora Sponsor and will lead the selection process. We are also committed to providing appropriate role models to take part in the scheduled events, and to helping the Aurora community get together to share learning and bring ideas and challenges back to the University.

Selection Panel Members

  • Linda Newnes (Chair)
  • Kate Elliott (Champion)
  • Alex Butler
  • Amanda Harper
  • Joanne Hinds
  • Gan Shermer
  • Juani Swart
  • Edward Webster

Participants 2021-22

  • Ana A Alvarez Serra
  • Olivia Brown
  • Katherine Button
  • Joanne Clarke
  • Aste Dahl
  • Debbie Janson
  • Mathilde Maitrot
  • Bonnie Pang
  • Rachel Paskell
  • Reka Ratkaine Jablonkai
  • Rossella Salandra
  • Theresa Smith
  • Ali Tincknell-Smith
  • Emma Watson
  • Anna Young

Contact us

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