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Human Resources

We offer support, guidance and other services to staff on things like health and safety, learning and development, recruitment, pay, leave, and staff welfare.

Recruiting and hiring

Find support and advice to help you get the right person for every role.

Joining the University

Learn out about some of the training you need to do as a new member of staff, how to book days off, and your probation period.


The University's HR and Payroll system


Probation is a period of time at the start of your employment for the University to assess your performance, conduct and suitability for your job.

Reward and recognition

How the University recognises, rewards and celebrates its staff, including the pay structure, awards for excellence, and other benefits of working at Bath.

Contribution pay scheme

Find out about eligibility criteria and how to nominate a member of your team or yourself for a Contribution Pay Award.

Staff benefits

Find out what benefits are available to you as a member of University staff.

Learning and development

Opportunities for you to gain knowledge, learn new skills, develop your career, or support a colleague by becoming a mentor.

Safety, health and employee wellbeing

Use our guidance and resources to look after your health and wellbeing at work or at home.

About us

We oversee staff recruitment and leaving processes, learning and development, safety, health and wellbeing, and implement policies for official staff procedures.

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