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HR Recruitment

We manage the recruitment process of permanent and casual staff at all levels.

Applying for a job

Find out about our latest opportunities, reclaiming interview expenses, and how we manage your data.

Starting work at the University

If you've been offered a job, find out about claiming back the costs of relocating, our probation periods for different roles, and the checks we might need to carry out before you can work here.


Probation is a period of time at the start of your employment for the University to assess your performance, conduct and suitability for your job.

Starting the recruitment process

What to do when you're planning to recruit new staff, including advice about the approval stages, tips for writing job adverts and descriptions, and explanations of different types of contracts.

Finding the right candidate

How to start finding the best person for the job after you receive applications. Choose the right selection process and find out about shortlisting your candidates, preparing for interviews and making an offer.

Chairing interview panels

Guidance on how to prepare your panel and interview questions, reaching a decision and offering a role to the successful candidate.


What to do when your candidate has accepted your offer, including requesting references and DBS checks, planning their induction and checking they're eligible to work in the UK.

Hiring casual staff, agency workers and contractors

How to recruit contractors and staff hired on a casual or fixed-term basis, including guidance on the different hourly-paid worker contracts and how to use the Tier 4 working booking system when hiring international students.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions for different types and grades of jobs, as well our code of practice for recruitment and selection.

About us

We look after the recruiting process of permanent and casual staff at all levels. We provide advice to managers about hiring and shortlisting and how to organise an interview panel. We also provide the recruitment and selection code of practice for hiring managers to follow.

Contact us

If you have any questions about recruitment at the University, please get in touch.