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Bath Beacon: Innovation Bridge

Innovation Bridge is a Bath Beacon to support interdisciplinary research projects and novel solutions around the key themes of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

About the Bath Beacon

More on the Bath Beacon for Innovation Bridge.

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The complexity of innovation processes and the multiplicity of challenges in delivering social and economic impact requires a systematic and multidisciplinary approach to foster change. The Innovation Bridge is a platform for cross-faculty engagement to integrate the first-class research and network capabilities existing within the University of Bath around the key themes of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I). Our knowledge and expertise relate to multiple dimensions of innovation including technical, managerial, societal, ethical and regulatory aspects. We will support interdisciplinary research projects for the creation of novel solutions for shared prosperity.

Research themes

The Innovation Bridge builds upon the expertise within the Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CREI), connecting researchers across disciplines, as well as with local communities and entrepreneurs. The Beacon will:

  • enable cross-disciplinary research and foster an interdisciplinary community at the University of Bath to promote economic and social prosperity through research from different fields such as entrepreneurship, engineering, computer science, biosciences, artificial intelligence and psychology.
  • build integrated datasets to map entrepreneurial ecosystems, such as the West of England, and enable research that informs business, community, and public policy to be applied across sectors for addressing societal challenges.

Building on our new and stronger research and data capabilities, we also aim to:

  • enhance knowledge transfer and develop strategic collaborations with UK-based businesses and governmental organisations to generate socio-economic impact for the local ecosystem.
  • inform entrepreneurial action and outcomes, promoting the coordination of multiple actors including alumni, faculty, the technology transfer office and local businesses.

Supporting UKRI

Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of the UK’s Government 2022-2027 strategy to build an innovation-led economy. The Beacon is well-timed to address challenges related to entrepreneurship and innovation and engage in interdisciplinary activities and entrepreneurial projects to solve these. The Beacon will allow the University of Bath to advance field-specific research, theory and knowledge from entrepreneurship and management to tackle industrial and business issues together.

The Innovation Bridge will develop research capabilities that generate impact within the UKRI theme of economic growth by:

  • exploring cross-disciplinary pathways for the development of new technologies for socio-economic impact.
  • improving the “widespread adoption of new technologies that are accessible, inclusive and safer”, and contextually boost entrepreneurship and economic growth in the region.
  • enhancing regional entrepreneurial capacity while reducing the West of England’s longstanding disparity in terms of business performance and entrepreneurial dynamism compared to London and the South East.

Beacon members

The core members from the University of Bath who make up the Bath Beacon team for Innovation Bridge.

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