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Bath Beacon: Zero carbon offshore power

Zero carbon offshore power is a Bath Beacon to address challenges associated with renewable technologies, particularly wind and tidal turbines.

About the Bath Beacon

More on the Bath Beacon for zero carbon offshore power.

Wind turbines at sea

This Bath Beacon, led by Dr Anna Young, focuses on renewable technologies, particularly wind, wave and tidal power. The Beacon addresses the challenges associated with large-scale deployment of these technologies, aiming to generate a future-focussed design philosophy that encompasses both technical performance and environmental impacts. The work will inform government policy as the next steps are taken towards net-zero.

This project brings together experts in the technical, financial and environmental aspects of renewable power from across the Faculty of Engineering and Design. The Zero Carbon Offshore Power Beacon welcomes involvement from a broader range of disciplines, such as understanding public perceptions of these technologies, consumer behaviour and fluctuations in energy availability. Through the Beacon, we will connect with partners in the GW4 Climate Alliance and relevant Supergen Hubs.

Beacon members

The core members from the University of Bath who make up the Bath Beacon for zero carbon offshore power.

News, Events and Publications

Here you can see outputs and activities from this Beacon.