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Bath Blockchain Innovations Group

Bath Blockchain Innovations Group (BBIG) is the space at the University for anyone interested in blockchain.

The blockchain is a technology with the potential to disrupt our lives in many ways; we are seeing applications in many fields and interest is growing within academia and beyond. This technology is the basis of Web 3.0 and includes applications such as crypto-assets, decentralized finance, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) to name a few.

BBIG is the space to discuss about blockchain innovations and sharing research, ideas, experiences within the University of Bath. Our aim is to catalyse interest about all things around the blockchain and the implications of this new technology. We have the ambition to gauge interest for interdisciplinary research projects, grants, events and talks that explore this topic.

BBIG members

  • James Davenport
  • Winifred Huang
  • Vaggelis Giannikas
  • Tim Rogers
  • Stylianos Asimakopoulos
  • Nikolaos Sakkas
  • Michael Rogerson
  • Julian Padget
  • Ndidi Olibamoyo
  • Iulia Cioroianu
  • Ismael Justo Reinoso
  • Emmanouil Platanakis
  • David Newton
  • Charles Larkin
  • Andrea Pizzoferrato
  • Alistair Brandon-Jones
  • James Kinsella
  • Richard Fairchild

Join the BBIG Team

Join the BBIG Team

Contact us

For more information, please contact one of our co-directors.