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Diverse outreach initiatives

Discover ways to engage in programmes and partnerships that help diversify teams, foster social connectedness and cultivate a more inclusive work environment.

We're committed to breaking down employment barriers and fostering a more inclusive workforce. We're proud to collaborate with local charities, schools and colleges as well as actively engaging in transition-to-work programmes, specifically designed for young adults with learning disabilities, autism, or both.

From school work experience to apprenticeships to supported internships, find out how you can get involved and help us ensure everyone has a path to a successful career, building a more accessible future here.

Women's Work Lab

A nine month programme that supports unemployed mums on benefits to rebuild their confidence and find work that works for them and their families.

Women's Work Lab combines face to face bespoke training with a work placement and ongoing career coaching. Each year departments can volunteer to offer entry level work placements for 15 hours per week, for four weeks, normally in June (e.g., admin, retail, hospitality)

Benefits of supporting the programme include:

  • supporting the local community
  • benefitting from lived experiences and unique perspectives
  • fostering creativity
  • unlocking hidden talent. Last year over 60% of mums that WWL worked with, returned to employment*
  • providing ‘returnships’ widening your talent pool**

* According to Women's Work Lab

** The Times - Read the full story here

Centralised Work Experience Programme

Coordinated by HR, almost anyone from the University can volunteer to provide a work experience placement to a school pupil and is a great way to provide young people with an insight of our diverse range of career opportunities.

Taking place in July our centralised work experience programme is focused on encouraging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented groups to participate.

Benefits of providing a work experience opportunity:

  • brings a fresh perspective to your projects, offering innovative ideas and a renewed sense of enthusiasm.
  • contributes to the development of future talent and engaging with the local community
  • develops a recruitment pipeline for future employees who are already familiar with your department's work
  • incredibly fulfilling, both personally and professionally
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Project SEARCH

A transition-to-work programme that enables young people with learning disabilities and autism, who have finished their school studies, to gain the vital skills and experience they need to become employable

Project SEARCH is a one-year supported internship run by Fosse Way School. For three months of the programme, between April and July, interns complete an unpaid work placement at the University of Bath.

Interns have completed a variety of positive employment experiences on our campus in both general and task-specific jobs. Interns are supported by Project SEARCH staff who provide classroom learning on campus, as well as personalised job coaching to support independence and progression in their placements whilst they are here.

Benefits of hosting a Project SEARCH intern:

  • each intern has a job coach that works with them to ensure tasks are completed correctly
  • encourages greater diversity
  • makes a positive impact on society
  • an opportunity for staff as mentors/buddies to interns
  • can help develop accessible recruitment practices


Apprentices can be employed at different levels, from school leavers and graduates, to people who want to further their careers or change career direction completely.

We're hugely supportive of apprenticeship programmes and provide encouragement and assistance to people throughout their courses.

Benefits of offering an apprenticeship:

  • it’s an effective way to nurture talent and grow a motivated, talented, and qualified workforce.
  • individuals are motivated to learn new skills
  • you can expand or upskill your team
  • apprenticeship levy funds can be used to fund apprenticeship training1
  • 86% of employers reported that apprenticeships aided in the development of relevant skills2
  • 78% of employers found apprenticeships contributed to enhanced productivity2

1 Levy funds cannot be used to cover wages or recruitment costs

2 According to

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T-level work placements

T-Levels require a 45-day industry placement that can help you find and develop new talent.

T-Levels are a new qualification, aimed at students aged 16-19 after GCSE. They equip young people with knowledge and practical skills for employment, apprenticeships, or further study.

Partnering with Bath College, or another local T-Level provider, offering an industry placement within your team is a great way to grow a talent pipeline for your department and to benefit from new ideas and perspectives. The Students college will provide support at every stage so you can focus on getting the most out of your placement student.


Providing an industry placement in your department can:

  • attract motivated people to your department
  • foster imaginative and new ideas
  • develop your team’s mentoring and leadership skills
  • help the local community
  • save recruitment costs by providing the opportunity to see what the young person can offer, on a no obligation employment basis

Bath Insight Internships

Aimed at undergraduate students in years one and two, Bath Insights provides professional services departments and teams an opportunity to host an intern for 6-8 weeks over the summer. Play a pivotal part in supporting students gain professional skills and work experience in a safe, supportive environment.

Benefits of offering a student internship:

  • harnesses student creativity, ingenuity and energy; fresh ideas and new perspectives
  • play a key role in supporting and promoting key institutional agendas around student voice, community building and student experience
  • a valuable resource for future hiring and networking opportunities
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