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LGBTQ+ Support & Socialise

A monthly support group for students who are questioning or exploring their LGBTQ+ identity.

LGBTQ+ Support & Socialise is a monthly support group for students who want a safe space to meet and feel more confident and comfortable with their LGBTQ+ identity and for students who are questioning or exploring their identity.

The group is facilitated by Jet, he/him (Wellbeing Advisor) and Grace, they/she (Student Support Advisor). We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where LGBTQ+ and questioning students can meet and provide mutual support to each other. You might be questioning your sexuality and / or gender identity, wanting to feel more comfortable with this, or working out how to come out to certain people, maybe for the first time or perhaps in a new setting. There is no single right answer to any of this, but we hope that by providing a space for you to come together and share, you will feel accepted, more confident in who you are and find a way forward that feels right for you.

We understand that “Coming out” is often considered to be a gradual process, and it not just a onetime conversation. It can take time to work out who to trust, and to find the words that you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to come out to anyone if you don’t want to. We also recognise that for some people, sexuality and gender identity is fluid and may change over time or switch back and forth as you progress on your journey. There is no rush to work this out or find a definition.

You will not have to disclose your sexual orientation or gender identity at this group, and you do not have to have worked out how to define yourself or your identity. Both the group facilitators are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ Support & Socialise is held on campus in a safe and private space with gender neutral toilets. To protect the privacy of all attendees, the time and location of this group will only be shared with those who have made a commitment to the confidentiality of the group.

More information and support

How to sign up and where you can get more support and information.

For more information about this group please provide your contact details via this short sign-up form and we will be in touch.

If you have a question about the group or other LGBTQ+ support available at the University, such as our Coming Out with Confidence course, you can email

You may also be interested in our coming out guides.

If you want support with your mental health and wellbeing or wish to discuss your sexuality/gender identity privately with a Student Support Advisor, please book an appointment via our Student Support Advice Team. You will be able to discuss several support options at this appointment, including counselling with a LGBTQ+ trained therapist.