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Social Networking Group

A weekly social group for students who are experiencing loneliness, social anxiety or feeling isolated.

The Social Networking Group is a weekly social group for students who, for whatever reason, are feeling lonely or isolated at University. It is a safe environment where students can meet each other and form social connections and friendships. We do different things each week, such as campus walks, arts and crafts, quiz nights and cooking sessions. We also run occasional social events such as bowling and going out for a coffee/meal.

This group usually runs on a Wednesday afternoon throughout term-time (but certain activities require a date change). You don’t have to attend every week – just when you feel like hanging out.

The Social Networking Group is facilitated by Hannah, our mental health and wellbeing project officer, in collaboration with a student wellbeing ambassador. If you are interested in joining the SNG please complete this short form.

Please note that whilst the Social Networking Group provides a safe and supportive environment, it is not a therapy group or a support group. If you are looking for a support group or 1:1 advice and support, please contact our Wellbeing Team who can offer this.