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Sunflower Lanyards at the University

If you are unable to wear a mask or face covering there is information here on lanyards you can wear to show exception.

As members of our university community we are all taking our responsibilities to control the spread of Covid-19 seriously. In some circumstances this includes the wearing of masks or face coverings . However we also understand that for some people the wearing of masks is not possible.

The university supports the hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard as a method for you to discretely indicate that you are exempt from mask use. If you would like to request a lanyard, please either drop into Student Support in 4 West or the Virgil Building reception to collect one, or email to request one be sent to you at your Bath address.

You can then use your lanyard to display your library card when using University facilities where face coverings are required.

Please note that you are not obliged to show evidence in order to obtain a lanyard. Also you are not obliged to obtain a lanyard in order to be exempt from mask-wearing on campus. This initiative is here to support your choice.