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The University SafeZone app

Students and staff have free access to SafeZone, to contact campus security and for Student visa holders to meet their attendance requirements.

We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of staff and students, and to ensuring that our international students are compliant with their academic engagement requirements, with as little disruption to all as possible.

This is why the University of Bath is providing the SafeZone app free to all members of the University community.

SafeZone app for welfare

The SafeZone app contributes to safeguarding the welfare of all staff and students.

SafeZone enables all staff and students to:

  • immediately contact the Security team in an emergency
  • get first aid when on campus
  • receive notifications during an emergency situation.

You can easily report non-emergency issues, such as damage on campus, being locked out, or suspicious activity using the 'Report a Tip' button.

SafeZone app for Student visa compliance

The SafeZone app is used by students on a Student visa to meet their academic engagement monitoring requirements.

SafeZone enables taught students (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and 1st year Integrated PhD students) on a Student visa to:

One of our international students said, "As a newly arrived international student, I was apprehensive about my personal safety when I first arrived. When I heard about SafeZone and how it can get me in contact with Security in seconds, I downloaded it and it has been very helpful. I also need to use it to demonstrate my Academic Engagement, and the automatic check-in function means I don't even have to think about it. I have recommended it to friends several times!"

Downloading and using the SafeZone app

Help and guidance in downloading and using the SafeZone app are available for students and staff.

SafeZone app for Student visa compliance

Using the SafeZone app for Student visa compliance