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Top Tips for your personal safety

Listed below are ten top tips to keep you safe when you go out.


While we are always working to reduce risk and hold perpetrators of misconduct to account, sadly we cannot guarantee a risk-free environment, so here are some safety tips to help along the way:

  1. Avoid walking home alone wherever possible, you can call V cars and quote “Bath University Safe Taxi Scheme” for a taxi home to repay within the next 14 days. If walking is essential stay on busy well-lit routes.
  2. When out and about use the Safezone app, in an emergency you can send your location to Security.
  3. Security are there to help, you won’t be in trouble, and they will do everything they can to keep you safe. Their number is on the back of all library cards, and we’d recommend saving it to your phone.
  4. Look out for your friends, walk home together, or check they arrived safely.
  5. Be wary with your drink, ask at the bar for a lid, keep your drink with you, and under no circumstance minesweep (drink the partially-finished drinks that people have left).
  6. If you think there’s any chance your drink is spiked, tell a member of venue staff. Keep the drink as it could be important forensic evidence.*
  7. If a friend says they’ve been spiked, notify venue staff immediately as well as Security who are trained to help whether it is on-campus or off-campus.
  8. You can use the Report and Support tool to report instances of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, hate crimes, bullying or assault of any kind anonymously, or get confidential support from an adviser.
  9. The river can be dangerous, especially at night due to low visibility. Do not go swimming at night. If you see someone drowning, do not under any circumstances enter the water yourself; look out for river safety cabinets along the moorings and call 999.
  10. Carry at least some cash with you at all times in case your card/phone gets misplaced.
  • Tampering with other people’s drinks, including adding alcohol without their knowledge or consent is illegal and carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. The University does not accept any behaviour or action that undermines a person’s value and dignity including drink spiking, unwanted contact, harassment, or sexual misconduct.