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Wellbeing blogs, podcasts and research

Read about various wellbeing topics and research or have a listen to the podcasts of staff experiences.

Staff health and wellbeing is an important priority for our University. Through our Promote, Prevent and Support approach, we are focusing on cultivating good mental health and wellbeing with a focus on the tools, techniques and resources that are valuable and enable us to thrive.


These blogs are a great way to stay informed about the broad range of topics that might affect our health and wellbeing. Topics range from anxiety and stigma to loneliness and respect and include useful resources to help support wellbeing.


Listening to podcasts that have been recorded by your colleagues can inform you about what others are doing to support their wellbeing and help you consider what might support you and your colleagues.


There are lots of studies and research being undertaken about mental health and wellbeing. Read more about what is going on:


We'd like to encourage a sense of openness around talking about mental health and wellbeing by inviting you to share your stories. This could be a personal story or other news on mental wellbeing initiatives and research you would like to share.

Do you have a story to share?

You could tell us:

  • a bit about you and how you look after your wellbeing

  • learning and development that you have engaged in that have been beneficial

  • events or activities you organise or take part that support wellbeing

If you'd like to share your wellbeing story, please contact Please include a photo if you are happy to and we will look for opportunities to publish your news and stories.