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Enterprise Bath: Enhancing the entrepreneurial student experience

Zoe Jeffery, PhD student in the Department for Health, a 2024 Alumni Innovation Award winner and Founder of the augmented reality video gaming app VibeStride.

Zoe Jeffery at Enterprise Day 2024
Zoe Jeffery at Enterprise Day 2024

Enterprise Bath's 'In conversation with...' is a collection of case studies from students and graduates who have taken part in the University's co-curricular Entrepreneurship Programme. This is led by the Student Enterprise team, Enterprise Bath, part of Research and Innovation Services (RIS) at the University of Bath.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey

Zoe Jeffery talking at Enterprise Day 2024
Zoe Jeffery talking at Enterprise Day 2024

I took my first steps into the world of entrepreneurship by creating the business and concept of VibeStride, an augmented reality video gaming app for teenage girls who disengage in mainstream physical education. It helps them to value movement before competition and allows them to collect points and prizes for taking part. Physical education promotes physical fitness, motor skills development, and overall well-being among students.

I can say that Enterprise Bath goes over and above expectation for an entrepreneurship programme. I have been active with the Enterprise Bath team since 2018 when I joined the University as a part time PhD student in Health. Since then, I have been attending several masterclasses run by the Enterprise Bath team from business planning to branding. They run a fantastic programme for students interested in starting a business. The level of advice, opportunity and potential for success has got better and better over the years. I am so lucky and eternally grateful to the wonderful staff at the University and at the SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre.

What support are you receiving from the University?

Zoe Jeffery at the VibeStribe stand as part of the Enterprise Day start-up showcase
Zoe Jeffery at the VibeStribe stand as part of the Enterprise Day start-up showcase

I've benefited from a wide array of support across the University, ranging from entrepreneurial skills to mentoring and participation in programmes like the FWD Project delivered by SETsquared Bath and business advice. Lawrence James, the Student-Mentor-in-Residence, has provided invaluable guidance on brand building and pitching to investors, drawing from his extensive business experience.

Bath's distinctive ethos has equipped me for the entrepreneurial journey. I recently showcased VibeStride's initial development at Enterprise Day 2024, a pivotal opportunity where I connected with a diverse range of individuals, from tech companies to financial institutions. Currently juggling the demands of my studies with the needs of my company poses a challenge, but I remain optimistic that I'll have more time to dedicate to VibeStride in the coming year.

My motivation stems from a passion to empower others through my augmented reality gaming app, whether it's through interactive exercise instruction, virtual fitness challenges, or simulated sports experiences. AR technology enhances traditional physical education classes, making them more engaging, inclusive, and effective.

What does the future look like for VibeStride?

Zoe Jeffrey with fellow Bath Entrepreneurship Programme students Iacopo Di Rico and Jamie Crisp
Zoe Jeffrey with fellow Bath Entrepreneurship Programme students Iacopo Di Rico and Jamie Crisp

In 2024, I received the prestigious Alumni Innovation Award, granting me a full year to focus solely on advancing my business, VibeStride with a £20,000 grant.

This opportunity is truly incredible, allowing me to dedicate myself entirely to developing the app alongside fellow colleagues within the University. After being selected and winning the university's Dragons' Den Competition, I secured a total of £3,500 for VibeStride's development, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

The momentum for VibeStride has soared, attracting interest and support from talented students at Bath, particularly through IKEEP. Some of these students are eager to continue collaborating with VibeStride in the future. I am deeply appreciative of the unwavering support provided by the Enterprise Bath team, reflecting the university's profound trust in its students and commitment to fostering a robust support ecosystem for those in need.

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Watch Zoe Jeffery at Dragons' Den

Zoe Jeffery speaks to us after pitching to the Dragons for proof of concept funding for her augmented reality gaming app VibeStride.

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