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Getting the support I needed at Bath

Amber Snary talks about the support she received from the University and how the Bath Bursary helped fund her accommodation.

Amber standing at the top of the stairs in East Building holding her laptop.
'I was absolutely over the moon that I could get extra support.'

Bath is a University I feel I truly belong at. There’s so much support from the University, the Students' Union, and all the student representatives. There is always someone you can reach out to.

Studying at Bath

The first few lectures after I started at Bath were amazing at easing us into the academic year. We went over what was expected of us and what we’d be learning. It was very comprehensive so I didn’t feel like I was flailing.

Being a disabled student at Bath has definitely impacted me, as it would at any other university. Learning how to reach out for help from Welfare Services and using my Disability Access Plan (DAP) was integral. I could request slides when I couldn’t get into lectures. I have no idea how I would be able to get through it otherwise!

Lecturers always provided PowerPoints if I couldn't get to lectures and offered to go over the material in office hours to ensure I never fell behind. My personal tutor truly cared about our career plans and emotional health. You could drop him an email at any time and he’d reply as soon as he could.

The Bath Bursary

Knowing I would receive financial support when I applied to university was integral. I live with my mum, and there is no way I would be able to fund university alone. I received the Bath Bursary as I come from a low income background.

The Bath Bursary was vital when I had to put down a deposit on my second-year accommodation. I simply wouldn’t have had the security I needed without it. I was absolutely over the moon that I could get extra support, as it meant that I could apply for housing without going into debt.

Support from the University and students

If you are worried about attending university for any reason, you can reach out to the Wellbeing team and check out the Bath Blogs. If there is something that you think is going to set you back, be assured that there is support to make sure you won’t be.

Before I came to Bath, I looked at the University of Bath Instagram tags to find posts about it from current students and asked them questions. There are so many students showing different aspects of coming to Bath. For example, Elinor Brown has a YouTube where she talks about chronic illness and mental health.

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The Bath Bursary