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Sustainable Living: How a master's student is making a difference

Beatrice Clementel has created a simple and useful guide to help Bath students adopt sustainable habits and become more environmentally conscious.

Student looking through the Student Sustainability Guide
This guide recognises that students are often living on a budget but dispels any myths that this should be a barrier to action - we can all be part of a building a green future!

Beatrice Clementel, a 2022-23 student studying MSc International Development, Social Justice and Sustainability, has introduced a new way of creating impact. Instead of the traditional dissertation format, Bea opted to undertake a practicum, which enables students to complete their post-graduate degree by engaging in a professional experience.

As a student, Bea noticed the need for more resources available to students who want to live more sustainably and decided to take action. She realised the need for a comprehensive guide to help students lead a more climate-conscious lifestyle while considering key student concerns such as money worries, health and wellbeing, and feeling part of a community. Over the summer, she did her practicum with the Climate Action Team, where she decided to turn her vision of a sustainability guide for students into reality.

What does the guide entail?

How to Save Money and the Planet is a detailed guide designed for students at the University of Bath. This guide contains invaluable tips and strategies to help students lead a greener lifestyle in the Bath area. What's great about this guide is that it can be done without spending more money, as Bea has designed her handbook financially and ecologically responsibly, which is especially important for students on a tight budget.

From active travel to fashion tips, Bea has conducted thorough research on how to live more sustainably. Here is a snippet of what you can find out from her guide:

Sometimes, food can be a significant contributor to waste. Bea’s top tip to make leftovers count is to use your freezer, where the lifespan can be extended by several days or longer. Bea’s motto, ‘more vegetables = more money’, highlights the benefits of a plant-based diet. This change can be challenging for some, but here’s some advice from Bea: “If you want to save money but still eat meat and dairy, you could try going plant-based at home but not when you’re out for meals or with family and friends.”

Feel inspired

Beatrice Clementel at the Climate Action Awards
Beatrice Clementel MSc International Development, Social Justice and Sustainability

Bea is a pioneer of sustainable living; her guide, How to Save Money and the Planet, is a testament to her dedication to promoting pro-environmental behaviour change. She believes that even small changes can make a big difference, and her guide is complete with practical tips and strategies that students can quickly implement in their daily lives. She firmly believes sustainability should not be a luxury; everyone should have access to the information and resources needed to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Beatrice Clementel is a driven and inspirational individual who makes a difference in the world through her passion for sustainability.

Join the movement for a better community

Staff and students at the climate action ceremony
There's a large community of those who take climate action and who are involved in an array of projects. Take action and join us!

Just like Bea, you can take action. You, too, can have a positive impact on our community. Every action counts and brings us one step closer to a better society.

Here's how you can get started:

  • Explore our student action webpage; many useful resources are listed, and plenty of exciting programmes are available at the University.
  • If you have a great idea that can help reduce the University's carbon emissions, you should consider applying to our Net Zero Carbon Campus Fund. We encourage you to share your idea with us and consult with our Climate Action Team before submitting your application.
‘This guide gives great alternatives for making money go further to make sustainable living more accessible to students. I'll definitely be using it and tell my friends!’
Rhianna Babb-Benjamin BA (Hons) International Politics and Modern Languages (2025)

Download Bea's Guide

Student Sustainability Guide

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