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The Students' Guide to Climate Action

You have the power to make a real difference in the fight against climate change. Join us in taking action, and let's create a greener future together.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

We're all part of a wider movement for change. Use this action page to discover all the exciting resources available. Remember, we have the power to become the change-makers of tomorrow.

    Join with others and take action

    In our 2023 Annual Survey, we found that 92% of the student community felt worried about climate change. If you're concerned, know you're not alone and discover many ways to channel these negative emotions into positive actions here.

    Embrace more sustainable habits

    Let's remember that no action is too small! When we come together and each do our part, our collective actions can create a powerful impact and make a big difference.

    Here's where you can start

    View the sustainability calendar to stay up to date
    Students walking on campus by the lake

    Get involved in a student group

    Many societies and university groups focus on sustainability and climate action; there are an array of choices available for you to choose from.

    Here are some societies and groups that prioritise climate action, whether through past events or as part of their identity.

    University Groups:

    • One Young World Bath is a great way to be supported as a young leader through this platform for positive change. We host annual conferences with guest speakers and workshops
    • Vertically Integrated Projects offer you a chance to collaborate with other students and staff on innovative research-based projects that tackle real-world sustainability challenges


    • People and Planet
    • Sustainable Fashion Society
    • Vegetarian Society
    • Engineers Without Borders
    • Bath University Model United Nations
    • Green Party
    • Bath University Left Union
    • Amnesty International
    Join a society
    Students speaking at the One Young World 2023 caucus

    Volunteer to support your local community

    Go the extra mile and make a positive change in your community. You can achieve this by joining the following programmes available:

    • Climate Ambassadors: this is an exciting and meaningful opportunity to volunteer with local primary and secondary schools and support them in responding to climate change
    • V Team: this is the student volunteering group of the Students' Union, which is committed to supporting the local and broader community through social and environmental projects
    • Eco Together: gather friends, create a project, and impact the community positively. No eco-knowledge is needed, just interest in making a difference
    Students volunteering to garden

    Create your own sustainable solution

    When it comes to climate action, there's no single right answer; you can do plenty of things. We encourage you to think outside the box and offer ways to support you to achieve impact.

    Climate Leaders: this project supports a self-selected group of students in achieving their own path to impact and helping the University take action on climate change.

    Get funding

    If you have an entrepreneurial flair or are fuelled with innovative ideas, you should apply to our Net Zero Carbon Campus Fund.

    Solutions to our carbon reduction challenges will come from many different areas of the University, including students. This fund is designed for just that and provides small grants to support students in taking action and reducing carbon emissions on campus. All ideas, big or small, are welcome.

    Apply to the Net Zero Carbon Campus Fund
    students working together on a project

    Discover more

    Here are some extra sources you may find helpful during your time as a student.

    Pick up a new hobby

    Help reduce waste on campus

    Make your society sustainable

    • If you're part of a society or committee, lead the way by making positive changes within your group and nominate your society for the SU Sustainability Award

    A green career

    Create change within your course

    • Only a few sustainability modules available on your course? Speak to your lecturer or academic rep, or, even better, you can become a rep at the start of each academic year
    • Your dissertation is the perfect chance to delve into sustainability within your degree and share your insights with the academic world

    Active travel

    • There are many benefits to active travel. Switch things up when commuting to university; going on foot, cycling or on a scooter can help clear your mind, save money and it's good for the planet

    Save money at home

    • Need an appliance, party decorations or outdoor equipment? Borrow and don't buy - visit the Bath Library of Things
    • With energy bills rising and as a student on a budget, managing money can be difficult. Here's how you can save energy at home in both private accommodation and in halls

    Stay up to date with the sector

    • SOS-UK is a student-led education charity focusing on sustainability
    • EAUC is the environmental and sustainability champion within Further and Higher Education in the UK and Ireland

    Have some extra time to spare?

    Learn more

    Find out about what is going on in the climate community

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    Contact the Climate Action Team

    We'd love to hear about any actions or projects you're undertaking so please get in touch and tell us more.