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Active Travel

Switch up your commute to travel by foot, bike or scooter to boost wellbeing, increase fitness, save money and reduce environmental impact.

We fully appreciate that active travel to campus may not be possible or realistic for everyone. However, for those who are able, you can plan your journey here.

Commuting accounts for 5% of University of Bath's total carbon footprint, representing a significant area where staff and students choices can make a big impact on our road to Net Zero by 2040.

Benefits of Active Travel

Mixing up your commute and travelling by foot, bike or scooter can help you:

  1. Feel better - clear your head and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of being active outside, and avoid the stress of being stuck in congestion or crowded buses
  2. Save money - avoid costly travel and parking costs and save on a gym membership
  3. Improve health - active travel is an easy way to fit exercise into your life. Walking from Bath city centre to campus takes just 34 minutes and clocks up 2,900 steps!
  4. Discover great places in your local community and enjoy a commute with friends or colleagues
  5. Reduce carbon emissions - by walking or cycling instead of driving from Bath city centre to campus for just one week (5 days), you could reduce your carbon footprint by 7kg CO2e!
  6. Improve air quality - ditch the car and help reduce local air pollution

Cycle to Campus

When planning your route, bear in mind that Bathwick Hill is usually quite busy so we'd recommend cycling up North Road or Widcombe instead. Cycle down Bathwick Hill as this is the widest and best illuminated road into the city.

Borrow a bike and equipment

  • The SU offer gear for hire including bikes, helmets and phone holders for GPS).
  • Loan a bike from Better By Bike - regular, folding and electric bikes available.
  • Members of staff and postgraduate students can hire an electric bike from Take Charge Bike for free for up to two weeks.
  • For a range of alternative and accessible bike types, Wheels for All Bath and West offer regular sessions where you can try out different bikes to suit your needs.

Buy a bike and equipment

Bike maintenance

  • Borrow a bicycle repair kit and pump from the Security desk in the Library.
  • Coming soon - free to use repair station provided by the SU.
  • Julian House Bike Workshop in Bath offer servicing and repairs, or you can book on to a Bike Maintenance Course to learn how to look after your bike yourself.

Cycling community

  • Staff can join the growing community of cycling commuters at University of Bath for advice, activities and events by signing up to the mailing list or joining the Yammer group
  • Students can join the friendly Cycling Club and enjoy weekly activities for all types of rider

Walk to Campus

If you don't fancy committing to walking the full route each day, consider walking half way and then catching a bus or take the bus to campus and walk home at the end of the day (a great way to clear your head after a busy day!).

Plan your route

Walking to campus from elsewhere in Bath is easy if you follow one of the scenic and accessible routes in the Walking Network, put together by the University and Bath and North East Somerset Council:

  • There are four routes that cross the city, each one passing the campus - download a handy PDF map or view on Google maps
  • Look out for the logo at each location marked on the map to help guide your route

Walking down the hill from campus in to Bath offers beautiful views across the city and is a great way to clear your head at the end of the day, and you can enjoy an easy walk home with friends.

For a longer but more scenic route between the University and the city centre, there is The National Trust's Bath Skyline walk.

To build confidence and fitness, or if you aren't able to walk a commute and would like to enjoy the benefits of active travel, there is a beautiful and easy-to-follow woodland walk around campus.

For those walking along waterways, this is a great guide to river safety, and use this river safety map to plan your route

E-Scooting to Campus

If walking or cycling aren't for you, you can still get your daily dose of fresh air by taking an e-scooter to campus (it's also a great way to split your route up if you want to walk through the city and just take the scooter up the last bit of the hill).

In Bath, you can rent scooters from the government-backed trial operated by Voi. To rent an e-scooter:

  1. Download the Voi app and register an account
  2. Be over 18, hold a provisional or full driving licence, and accept Voi’s user agreement
  3. Follow the instructions on the app to rent for a single trip, a day or a month (Voi offers a 20% discount on daily or monthly passes for university staff and students)
  4. Plan you route - a map on the Voi app shows you the area in which you can use the e-scooter, slow zones and designated parking zones
  5. Pop your helmet on and enjoy the ride!
  6. Park up in one of the designated parking zones shown on the app
  7. End your ride in the app

New to e-scooters? Read Voi's safe riding guide.

Don't miss your FREE £5 voucher by completing the Ride Like Voila traffic school or taking a helmet selfie after your next ride.



  • There are many showers on campus available for you to use when you arrive - see more detail of shower locations in the underdeck, 4 West, 10 West and 4 East South and request to have your card enabled to allow access.
  • Students - activate your FREE sports pass to make use of the showers (and wide range of other sports facilities) in the Sports Training Village for when you arrive on site.


  • Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis and are located with all showers. You will need your own padlock to secure them.
  • Lockers are also available in the Sports Training Village. They do not require a padlock and can be used for up to three hours.

Bicycle storage

  • There are plenty of bike storage options available for you to securely keep your bicycle on and off campus and you can view these locations marked on this campus map
  • We recommend securing your bike with a D-lock as these are more secure than cable or chain locks. Buy Sold Secure D-locks online and collect from the Security desk in the Library.


Stay hydrated and fill up your water bottle at any of the catering outlets on campus. Download the Refill app to find other places you can top up on campus and throughout Bath.

Plan your route

However you plan to travel actively, make sure you think about the following:

  • If travelling in the dark, wear bright and reflective clothing and either travel with others or let a friend or family member know when and where you're going, or use an app such as Find my iPhone or WhatsApp live location to let them track your location.
  • Read this guide to river safety, and use this river safety map to plan your route