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The #ThinklistAmplify is a list of influential scholars on social media around issues of responsible business.

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The #thinklist: a list of social media’s influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business

The #thinklist was designed to highlight influential faculty thinkers on social media on issues of responsible business. It was created in recognition of the value of discussions we have online, and in the hope of sharing insights with a wider community. Since the original list, the Centre for Business, Organisations and Society has sought to recognise that there are many influential scholars in our community whose voices can be hidden by metrics and through dynamics of power. In August the #thinklist30 highlighted influential women in the field.

The #ThinklistAmplify aims to foreground the voices of racialized scholars in the field. It is intended to spotlight expertise, and serve as an evolving resource to facilitate connections and collaboration among scholars working in responsible business. The list acknowledges that the academic experience, exposure and recognition – online and offline – is shaped by dynamics of power, including the social process of racialization.

Nominations were sought by curators from within the responsible business community and included with nominees consent, hoping to contribute a springboard from which we can discuss these issues, build community, and strategise.

From this starting point, CBOS will be hosting a webinar with the curators and some speakers from the list, to share insights into the opportunities and challenges of engaging with social media as a scholar of responsible business. We will also have a chance to unpack some of the tensions and debates that producing this list has brought into focus, including differences in local contexts across the globe, accounting for the intersectionality of power, and the importance of terms. We will also be spotlighting the work of scholars from the list over the coming months.

#ThinklistAmplify A-G

Name Twitter handle Linkedin
Ajnesh Prasad @ProfAPrasad
Alain Daou @DaouAlain Linkedin
Alexandre de Almeida Faria @AlexFaria_Rio Linkedin
Ali Aslan Gümüsay @Guemuesay Linkedin
Ana Maria Peredo @AnaMariaPeredo Linkedin
Andrea Jimenez Cisneros @Andrejcisneros Linkedin
Angela Martinez Dy @CollectiveBarc Linkedin
Arturo Osorio @ArturoEOsorio Linkedin
Carol Liao @carolmliao Linkedin
CB Bhattacharya @CBsuite Linkedin
Chahrazad Abdallah @chahraabd Linkedin
Charlotte Karam @Ckaram12 Linkedin
Chinmay Tumbe @ChinmayTumbe
Cle-Anne Gabriel @CleAnneGabriel Linkedin
Courtney McCluney @CL_McCluney Linkedin
Dawn Chow @DawnChow2 Linkedin
Divya Singhal @ajmerkidivya Linkedin
Eddy Ng @profng Linkedin
Eric Karikari @Dr_Eryque Linkedin
Fida Afiouni @FidaAfiouni Linkedin
Franscesca Sobande @Chess_Ess
Garima Sharma @garimasharma11 Linkedin

#ThinklistAmplify H-R

Name Twitter handle Linkedin
Hari Bapuji @HariBapuji Linkedin
Hèla Yousfi @YousfiHela Linkedin
Helena Liu @helenaliu Linkedin
Israr Qureshi @qisrar Linkedin
J. Sophia Fu @iPhiloSophia1 Linkedin
Joelle Cruz @drgrassroots Linkedin
Judy Muthuri @jnmuthuri Linkedin
Kamal Munir @KamalMunir5 Linkedin
Kamini Gupta @dr_kaminigupta Linkedin
Kenneth Amaeshi @kenamaeshi Linkedin
Laura Morgan Roberts @alignmentquest Linkedin
Leon Prieto @leoncprieto Linkedin
Maha Atal @MahaRafiAtal Linkedin
Maureen Ayikoru @Ayikorum Linkedin
Monder Ram @monderram Linkedin
Nidhi Srinivas @NidhiSrinivas_ Linkedin
Nolywé Delannon @Nolywe_ Linkedin
Prateek Raj @PrateekRaj_ Linkedin
Punit Arora @punitsarora Linkedin
Quinetta Roberson @QuinettaPhD Linkedin
Rahul Mitra @rahulmitra Linkedin
Rajat Panwar @prof_panwar Linkedin

#ThinklistAmplify S-Z

Name Twitter handle Linkedin
Salma Raheem @SalmaRaheem6 Linkedin
Samer Abdelnour @SamerAbdelnour Linkedin
Sanjukta Choudhury Kaul @ChoudhuryKaul Linkedin
Saurabh Lall @LallSaurabh Linkedin
Sheena Vachhani @sjvachh Linkedin
Shiv Ganesh @ShivNZ Linkedin
Sreevas Sahasranamam @SreevasS Linkedin
Stephanie Creary @StephanieCreary Linkedin
Suhaib Riaz @RiazSuhaib Linkedin
Sunita Sah @ProfSunitaSah Linkedin
Tania Jain @taniajain89 Linkedin
Tanoj Meshram @MeshramTanoj Linkedin
Tanusree Jain @TanusreeJain Linkedin
Theodore Khoury Linkedin
V G Venkatesh @vgv3107 Linkedin
Vivek Soundararajan @Vivek_Soundar Linkedin
Wafa Ben Khaled @Wafa_BK Linkedin
Wenjin Dai @dwj1717 Linkedin
Weslynne Ashton @weslynneashton Linkedin
Yasmeen Makarem @YasmeenMakarem Linkedin
Zahira Jaser @ZahiraJaser Linkedin
Zeynep Arsel @zeyneparsel Linkedin

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Discover the story behind the #ThinklistAmplify and the methodology behind it.

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