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#ThinklistAmplify: tackling race and racialization on social media

A webinar in the #thinklist series 'Difficult conversations in a digital world' from CBOS, to accompany the publication of the #ThinklistAmplify

  • 9 Dec 2020, 2.00pm to 9 Dec 2020, 3.00pm GMT
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free
People using social media
The #thinklist events aim to explore how issues of business and society play out on social media


Our panel explored the role, experiences, and strategies of racialized scholars on social media; asking what they talk about and why, how they tackle racialization and marginalisation, and the effect of social media on one's professional identity

This event in the Difficult Conversations series was designed by CBOS and our #ThinklistAmplify guest curators Deborah Brewis, Nolywé Delannon and Vivek Soundararajan

A recording of the event can be found below.

The #ThinklistAmpify

The #thinklist was designed to highlight scholars active in social media on issues of responsible business. It was created in recognition of the value of discussions we have online, and in the hope of sharing insights with a wider community.

A new #thinklist was launched in December, called #ThinklistAmplify. It follows our Women's List called the #Thinklist30. The #ThinklistAmplify aims to make space for racialized scholars in the field of responsible business, by celebrating their achievements and helping them to connect and collaborate. It's also intended as a form of recognition that the academic experience can be shaped by the dynamics of power associated with this social process of racialization.

Read more about our curators' thought process and rationale, in this piece on the Business and Society blog.

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