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School of Management research associates

We are a team of skilled postdoctoral researchers involved in a variety of research projects.

We conduct research in a range of management-related areas.

Team members

  • Pankhuri Agarwal

    Research Associate

    Pankhuri researches dignity at work in India and UK’s garment and IT industries, and issues concerning internal migration, forced labour and state bureaucracy.

    Photo of Pankhuri Agarwal
  • Arsham Atashi Khoei

    Research Associate

    Arsham is doing postdoctoral research in dynamic routing and order picking. He also researches green logistics in warehousing and transportation applications.

    Photograph of Arsham Atashi Khoei
  • Ana Levordashka

    Research Associate

    Ana researches social media, individuality, social support, networking and attitude formation.

    Photograph of Dr Ana Levordashka in front of a dark grey background.
  • Khushi

    KTP Associate

    In a UKRI-funded partnership between the University and K2 Corporate Mobility, Khushi integrates theory into industry, fostering sustainable innovation.

  • Oishee Kundu

    Research Associate

    Oishee is a researcher in science technology and innovation (STI) policy, with a focus on the role of government demand in technology development.

  • Zaineb Sheikh

    Research Associate

    Zaineb researches the dynamics of the tobacco industry pricing and profits in response to taxation policies, with a focus on the EU Tobacco Tax Directive.