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School of Management research associates

We are a team of skilled postdoctoral researchers involved in a variety of research projects.

We conduct research in a range of management-related areas.

Team members

  • Emily Collins

    Research Associate

    Emily researches video games, role playing, smartphones, visibility, impulsive behaviour and interpersonal relations.

    Selfie of Dr Emily Collins sat on a train.
  • Joanne Hinds

    Research Associate

    Joanne researches cyber security, digital traces, personality and human computer interaction.

    Photograph of Dr Joanne Hinds standing in front a staircase in the East Building.
  • Tejasav Kalra

    HPC Research Fellow

    Jas researches inter-organisational relationships, contracting, professional services, service quality and supply networks.

    Photograph of Dr Jas Kalra in front of a window
  • Ana Levordashka

    Research Associate

    Ana researches social media, individuality, social support, networking and attitude formation.

    Photograph of Dr Ana Levordashka in front of a dark grey background.
  • Rehema Msulwa

    Research Associate

    Rehema is a member of the Information, Decisions and Operations division.

  • Kate Muir

    Research Associate

    Kate researches interpersonal communication, linguistics, autobiographical memory and personality.

    Selfie of Dr Kate Muir in front of a cream wall.
  • Mehrnoush Sarafan

    HPC Research Fellow

    Mehrnoush is a member of the Information, Decisions and Operations division.

  • Henrietta Sherwin

    Research Associate

    Henrietta researches entrepreneurship, particularly social entrepreneurship, applications of design thinking and sustainable travel.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Henrietta Sherwin
  • Sian Smith-Lickess

    Research Associate

    Sian researches health, health literacy, pyschosocial and health behaviour interventions.

    Photograph of Dr Sian Smith-Lickess standing in front of a plant.