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Work with School of Management MSc and MBA students

Your organisation can work with our MSc and MBA students. Partner with us on postgraduate projects and internships to get fresh business thinking.

Our MSc and MBA courses regularly rank among the best in the country. We attract students from all over the world. A focus on practical experience lets them apply what they learn in the classroom directly to industry.

Our MSc students

We offer a range of master’s courses, from a general management course to finance and specialised options. Find out more about our MSc courses.

Our MSc students are at the beginning of their career journey. They have chosen a master’s degree designed to give them hands-on experience and prepare them for the working world.

Our MBA students

Our MBA students have returned to education after at least three years’ work experience. They are ready to use this experience to work on a range of business problems with a variety of organisations. Find out more about our MBA programmes.

Why you should work with our students

Partnering with us will give you:

  • fresh thinking to achieve real business outcomes
  • specialist knowledge. Our students are taught the latest management disciplines by leading experts, with an emphasis on real world skills.
  • global insights from students from all over the world
  • a low-cost way of finding extra resource (there is no fee for postgraduate student projects)

Consulting projects

Using MSc or MBA students for consulting work in your organisation is an excellent way to access the latest business thinking and improve how your company works.

MSc Practice Track

Challenge our students to solve your real business problem. With their fresh thinking and global perspectives, students use their academic knowledge and research skills to make practical recommendations. Working in teams, students will work on the project full-time for three weeks in June and July. A lot of our MSc students do Practice Track as a project-based alternative to a traditional master’s dissertation.

Teams can be made up from a range of our MSc courses, matching their expertise to your project topic.

Project topics

Students have previously worked on Practice Track projects with companies including Deloitte, KPMG, Unilever, Mars and Triodos Bank. Topics include:

  • Developing a product relaunch campaign
  • The benefits of enhanced automation of operations
  • Addressing the gender pay gap
  • Recommending modern marketing techniques for specialised projects
  • Analysis of demand for sustainable product certification

Watch our students and corporate partners talk about Practice Track.

Contact us ( if you’d like to discuss Practice Track.

MBA Group Projects

Over three months, students partner with your organisation and complete a thorough analysis of a specific topic. MBA group projects include:

  • a comprehensive review of relevant academic theory
  • extensive research
  • outcomes and recommendations delivered as business reports and presentations

All groups are supported by an academic project advisor, who will normally have expertise in the topic. You’ll work closely with your group over the three months. This is an excellent way to get insight from experienced and professional postgraduate students.

Recent project partners include Accenture, RB, Signify and Rolls-Royce Aerospace.

MBA group projects have included:

  • Creating an internal innovation unit for the corporate working environment
  • Enhancing digital provision to meet the modern consumer demands
  • Exploring a future market strategy for international expansion

Contact Matt Rusling ( if you’d like to discuss MBA projects.

MSc industry projects (Industrial Practicums)

Extensive research-based investigations into your analytics, operations or sustainability issues.

You’ll get extra resource and real, actionable solutions to your business issue. Students can work on projects in these areas:

Business analytics

Working individually, students will write their dissertation based on your question. During the summer, they’ll spend two to three months analysing data and producing a report on their findings. Research methods include forecasting, data mining, simulation and optimisation. You’ll work with students studying our MSc in Business Analytics.

Operations, supply chain and logistics

Teams of four to six students will complete a rigorous investigation into your research problem. This takes place between October and March.

Individual students can also work on a project for two to three months over summer for their dissertation. You’ll work with students studying our MSc in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


Teams of four to six students from a range of backgrounds will research your sustainability problem or area of improvement. Projects take place between February and May. You’ll work with students studying our MSc in Sustainability and Management.

Contact Sarah Peel ( for more information about industry projects.

MSc in Business Analytics industrial dissertation

'It's been fantastic to have somebody taking a look at all of our work from the academic mindset.'

Our corporate partners share their experiences of being involved with the MSc in Business Analytics industrial dissertation.

Projects for small and medium sized enterprises

Projects aimed at small and medium sized companies.

MBA Consulting Project

Run as a ‘sprint project’ over two weeks, our academic experts teach students the latest consulting practices. Students then apply this knowledge directly to your organisation’s issue.

The MBA Consulting Project is ideal if you are looking for a quick return on a piece of work from experienced students.

The students will do extensive research before presenting their findings to you.

Previous MBA Consulting Projects include:

  • Revision of Human Resources Strategy
  • Proposal for a new customer on-boarding processes
  • Recommendations for a new physical branch location

MBA Change in Action Project

Run as a ‘sprint project’ over one week, students will work with you while learning the principles of organisational change and change management from our experienced academics. Students will then present practical recommendations to you.

The MBA Change in Action Project is ideal if you are looking for a quick return on a piece of work from experienced students focusing on:

  • managing and adapting to change
  • engaging with change stakeholders
  • embedding change agility

Previous MBA Change in Action Projects include:

  • Exploring the expansion to blended online delivery of fitness based activities
  • Recommendations on how to navigate the planning restrictions on affordable home creation
  • A revised strategy for enhancement of online merchandising sales

Contact Matt Rusling ( if you’d like to discuss any MBA projects.

MSc and MBA Consulting Projects

Our MSc and MBA Consulting Projects let students combine forces to provide consultancy. These are month-long extra-curricular projects, managed together with our Postgraduate Careers Team. A great way to explore your business issues, students will present their tailored recommendations to you.

Previous projects include:

  • Recommending software for advanced client engagement and management
  • Creating an ‘Influencer’ focused customer marketing strategy
  • Exploring potential product diversification for enhanced revenue streams

Contact Matt Rusling ( if you’d like to offer a project.

Charity fundraising projects

Our MSc students regularly fundraise for charities, as part of:

  • the Community Challenge (two month project)
  • the Practice Track
  • other project work during their course

Charities can also receive business support through our Vertically Integrated Projects.

Contact if you work for a charity and want to discuss fundraising opportunities.

Hiring our postgraduate students

Find out about internships and the best way to directly hire our talented MSc and MBA students.


After their studies, our MSc and MBA students have the opportunity to do an internship. Internships run for three to six months from September. They are an ideal way for you to hire talented students on a short-term basis with a view to a longer-term commitment.

An internship can be a great way to get resource for a short period to cover general work or a specific project. Internships are paid (salaries depend on experience).

Previous internship partners include:

  • Perrigo
  • Vendigital
  • Network Rail
  • Nationwide

Direct hiring

Partnering with us to hire MSc and MBA students is a great way to recruit high-calibre talent quickly and at no cost. Our Postgraduate Careers Team can:

  • advertise vacancies
  • advise on the best students and courses to target
  • collate applications
  • support the selection process

Contact Matt Rusling ( to discuss how we can help with your hiring needs.

MBA internships: Pim's story

Bath MBA graduate Pimrux Prompalit, from Thailand, spent her internship at the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, in London's financial heart.

Involvement with the curriculum

Opportunities to interact with our students in and out of the classroom.

Our courses are built with business in mind. We’re always working to integrate industry into our courses and careers activities. There are several ways that you can help us do this including:

  • guest speaker sessions
  • participation in Industry Panel Events
  • mentoring our MSc and MBA students
  • hosting our students on visits to your organisation

By getting involved with our postgraduate courses you can help shape our students' learning and development. This will also give you a chance to start building relationships with future recruits.

Contact Matt Rusling ( for more information on these opportunities.

Activity timeline

An outline of when projects take place. We normally source activities three or four months before delivery.

  • February - May: MSc Sustainability Practicums
  • March: MBA Change in Action Project
  • March - April: Vertically Integrated Projects
  • May - August: MBA Group Project
  • June – July: MSc Practice Track
  • June – August: MSc Business Analytics Practicums
  • July – August: MSc Charity fundraising and projects
  • September – March: Internships
  • October – May: MSc Operations Practicums
  • December: MBA Consulting Project

More ways to work with us and our students

Contact us

Get in touch if you have any questions about working with us or our postgraduate students.