School of Management faculty

We are a team of academics who oversee the School's teaching and research activities.

Our duties include:

  • teaching on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • delivering research expertise across our portfolio
  • building collaborative partnerships across academia and industry
  • supervising PhD students

Team members

  • Hajo Adam


    Hajo is a member of the Strategy and Organisation division.

  • Michael Adams

    Professor of Strategic Risk Management

    Michael researches insurance, the insurance industry, risk management and chief executives.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Michael Adams
  • Carl-Philip Ahlbom

    Prize Fellow

    Carl-Philip specialises in retailing, shopper marketing, pricing and financial literacy.

    Photograph of Dr Carl-Philip Ahlbom against a blurred background.
  • Paul Baker

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Paul’s field of specialisation is applied microeconometrics toward his research in business taxation and international microeconomics.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Paul Baker
  • Stefano Baruffaldi

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Stefano is a member of the Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bath.

  • Maria Battarra

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Maria researches optimisation, vehicle routing, scheduling, disaster relief management and maritime logistics.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Maria Battarra
  • Meriem Bouazzaoui

    Teaching Fellow

    Meriem specialises in supply chain management, buyer-supplier relationships management, conflict and fairness.

    Portrait of Meriem Bouazzaoui
  • Krista Bondy

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Krista researches sustainability, systems thinking, power structures and resulting organisational responses.

  • Alistair Brandon-Jones

    Professor of Operations and Supply Management

    Alistair researches e-enabled operations and supply, and professional service operations.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones
  • Emma Brandon-Jones

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Emma researches supply chain management, sustainable development, purchasing and shareholders.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Emma Brandon-Jones
  • Rob Branston

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Business Economics

    Rob researches regulation, governance, micro-firms, tobacco taxes and the tobacco industry.

  • Deborah Brewis

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Deborah specialises in critical diversity, inclusion and inequalities, digital labour, embodiment and affective dynamics, leadership and change.

    Studio portrait photograph of Dr Deborah Brewis
  • Andrew Brown

    Professor of Organisation Studies and Associate Dean (Research)

    Andrew researches identities, identity work, discourse, narrative, sensemaking and power.

    Photograph of Professor Andrew Brown stood by windows
  • Hong Bui

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Hong researches learning organisation for innovation and sustainability, with a special focus on higher education, human resource development and organisation.

  • Teslim Bukoye

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Teslim is a member of the Information, Decisions and Operations division.

  • Rosie Cao

    Teaching Fellow in Accounting

    Rosie specialises in behavioural finance, psycholinguistics, culture, investment behaviour, decision making, economics and corporate governance.

  • Melih Celik

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Melih Celik researches disasters, humanitarian operations, sustainable development, warehouse management and facility logistics.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Melih Celik
  • Katharina Chudzikowski

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Organisation Studies

    Katharina researches careers and work across cultures, organisational psychology and qualitative research methods.

  • Ian Colville


    Ian researches organisation studies, sensemaking, counter terrorism, organisational learning and storytelling.

  • Philip Cooper

    Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)

    Philip researches ecosystem services, valuation, planning process and ecosystem management.

  • Andrew Crane


    Andrew researches corporations, communication, responsibility, citizenship, forced labour and stakeholders.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Andrew Crane
  • Ian Crawford

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Ian specialises in accounting education, students, academic achievement, performance, participation and firms.

    Photograph of Ian Crawford in front of a bookcase.
  • Dan Davies

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Dan specialises in educational leadership and management, organisational studies in higher education, creativity and assessment.

    Photograph of Dr Dan Davies stood in front of a neutral coloured wall
  • Iain Davies

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Iain researches fair trade, ethics, social capital, marketing, industry and pragmatism.

  • Christopher Dawson

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Chris researches behaviourial and labour economics with a focus on optimism, disappointment aversion, gender and entrepreneurship.

    Photograph of Dr Chris Dawson standing in front of a building
  • Daniela Defazio

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Daniela researches innovation, entrepreneurship, start-ups, networks and technology strategy.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Daniela Defazio
  • Debra Desrochers

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Debbie researches marketing, consumer research, food consumption, socialisation, childhood obesity, intergenerational transfers and public policy.

  • Panos Desyllas

    Reader (Associate Professor) in Strategy

    Panos researches innovation, productivity, intellectual property, high technology and disintegration.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Panos Desyllas
  • Martin Diedrich

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Martin specialises in finance, income, education and teaching materials.

  • Dimo Dimov


    Dimo researches entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and venture capital investing.

    Photograph of Professor Dimo Dimov in building corridor
  • Richard Elliott

    Emeritus Professor

    Richard researches marketing, interpretation, management, social class and communications.

  • Jürgen Enders


    Jürgen researches institutional change in the field of universities and their role in society and economy.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Jürgen Enders
  • Güneş Erdoğan


    Güneş researches exact algorithms, vehicle routing, Tabu Search, scheduling, heuristic algorithms, p-median problem and ambulances.

    Portrait photograph of Prof Güneş Erdoğan
  • Felicia Fai

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Felicia researches technology transfer, typology, path dependence, social attraction, aerospace industry and developing countries.

    A studio portrait photograph of Dr Felicia Fai smiling at the camera in front of a dark grey background.
  • Virgilio Failla

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Virgilio researches entrepreneurship, innovation and labour market dynamics by applying microeconometrics methods.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Virgilio Failla
  • Richard Fairchild

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Richard researches investors, incentives, managers, neuroeconomics, entrepreneurs, ethical investing and capital structure.

    Photograph of Dr Richard Fairchild in front of a tree and a university building
  • Stephen Fineman

    Emeritus Professor

    Stephen researches aging and emotion in organisations.

  • David Ford

    Emeritus Professor

    David researches networks, market segmentation, sensemaking, innovation and purchasing.

  • Emmanuel Fragniere

    Teaching Fellow

    Emmanuel specialises in behavioural approach, airport security, economics, energy models and human engineering.

  • Vaggelis Giannikas

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Vaggelis researches the use of digital technologies in supply chain management with a focus on intelligent logistics systems.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Vaggelis Giannikas
  • Simone Giansante

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Simone researches systemic risk, financial networks, credit default swaps, bank failure and high frequency trading.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Simone Giansante
  • Simona Giorgi


    Simona researches investors, surface tension, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and communications.

    Photograph of Professor Simona Giorgi in front of a bookcase.
  • Sarah Glozer

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Sarah researches corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication, digital marketing and ethical markets/consumption.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Sarah Glozer
  • Paul Goodwin

    Emeritus Professor

    Paul researches planning, sales, forecasting, decision analysis, decision theory and scenario analysis.

  • Julie Gore

    Reader in Organisational Psychology

    Julie researches behavioural sciences: cognition, naturalistic decision making, expertise, intuition, sensemaking, organisational decision making.

  • Dimitrios Gounopoulos

    Professor of Accounting and Finance

    Dimitrios researches shipping, freight transportation, decision structure, mergers and acquisitions, macroeconomics and stock exchange.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos
  • Andrew Graves

    Emeritus Professor

    Andrew researches supply chains, railroad cars, the automotive industry, cost effectiveness, communication and traffic congestion.

  • Ufuk Güçbilmez

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Ufuk researches entrepreneurial/corporate finance (IPOs, venture capital) and behavioural economics/finance (reinforcement learning, disposition effect).

  • Stefanie Gustafsson

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Stefanie researches professions, careers and work in contemporary workplaces, organisational trust and qualitative, multimodal research methods.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Stefanie Gustafsson
  • Haiming Hang

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Haiming researches international retailing, department stores, consumer socialisation, entrepreneurs and consumer behaviour.

    Photograph of Dr Haiming Hang smiling at the camera inside an office room
  • Nina Katrin Hansen

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Nina researches strategic human resource management, HRM systems, HRM in professional service firms, organisational capabilities and organisational learning.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Nina Katrin Hansen against a black background
  • Nancy Harding

    Professor in Human Resource Management and Head of Strategy and Organisation Division

    Nancy researches working lives, critical approaches to understanding organisations, gender, class, control and resistance.

  • Arman Hassanniakalager

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Arman researches artificial intelligence, statistical methods and financial decision making.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Arman Hassanniakalager.
  • Andrea Herepath

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Andrea researches strategic, organisational and institutional change.

  • Stefan Hielscher

    Prize Fellow

    Stefan researches corporate citizenship, business ethics, sustainability, governance, non-governmental organisations and social dilemma.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Stefan Hielscher
  • Timothy Hill

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Tim researches social movements and activism against corporations, social media and marketing communications and retail design.

    Photograph of Dr Timothy Hill in front of full-length window
  • Veronica Hope Hailey

    Professor in Management Studies, University Vice President and Dean of the School of Management

    Veronica researches strategic change and trustworthy leadership.

    Photograph of Professor Veronica Hope Hailey outside University buildings
  • Winifred Huang

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Finance

    Winifred researches cash, dividends, financial markets, managers, stock prices, investors, liquidity risk, financing decisions, initial coin offerings (ICOs).

    Portrait photograph of Dr Winifred Huang
  • Kostas Iatridis

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Kostas researches corporate responsibility, corporate sustainability and responsible innovation.

    Photograph of Dr Kostas Iatridis outside The Edge
  • Richard Jackson


    Richard researches prediction, lock-in effect, persistence, finance, venture capital and credit risk models.

  • Sadegh Javaheriafif

    Teaching Fellow

    Sadegh specialises in corporate finance, capital structure, corporate bankruptcy and firm performance.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Sadegh Javaheriafif
  • Jooyoung Jeon

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Jooyoung researches statistical modelling and forecasting in various applications including energy, finance and the environment.

  • Samuel Johnson

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing

    Sam draws on behavioural economics and cognitive science to study how consumers navigate the economic world with heuristics and the social world with morality.

  • Adam Joinson


    Adam researches linguistics, privacy, social desirability, communication, the internet, social networking and computer-mediated communication.

    Photograph of Professor Adam Joinson in an office
  • Richard Kamm

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Richard specialises in information system, instrumental rationality, information management, higher education institutions and industry.

  • Nicholas Kinnie

    Emeritus Professor in Human Resource Management

    Nicholas researches the links between HR practices and business performance.

    Photograph of Professor Nick Kinnie inside an office.
  • Donald Lancaster

    Teaching Fellow

    Donald specialises in international advertising, marketing, institutional work and advertising agency relationships with clients.

    Photograph of Dr Donald Lancaster in the Chancellor's Building
  • Cornelia Lawson

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Cornelia specialises in innovation, knowledge transfer, research productivity, research funding, scientist mobility and gender bias.

  • Jack Lee

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Jack specialises in higher education, internationalisation and international relations.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Jack Lee
  • Clive Lennox


    Clive researches audits, audit firms, inspection, audit quality, accounting research, accounting fraud and earnings management.

  • Deborah Lewis

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Deborah specialises in international financial reporting standards and corporate finance.

  • Michael Lewis

    Professor and Head of Information, Decisions and Operations Division

    Michael researches operations and supply management in public and private sector settings. Current interests include professional work and senior care.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Michael Lewis
  • Tahiru Liedong

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Tahiru specialises in non-market strategy, governance, corporate social responsibility and corporate political activity in emerging countries.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Tahiru Liedong
  • Weixi Liu

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Weixi researches dividends, pension, expenditures, funding, SMEs, firm's pension benefits and finance.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Weixi Liu
  • Xin Liu

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance

    Xin specialises in empirical asset pricing and behavioural finance.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Xin Liu against a black background
  • Mairi Maclean

    Professor and Associate Dean

    Mairi researches social space, domination, power elite, management, political ideology and philanthropy.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Mairi Maclean
  • Ebrahim Marandi

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Ebrahim is a member of the Marketing, Business and Society division.

  • Orietta Marsili


    Orietta researches innovation, entrepreneurship, firm survival and exit, mergers and acquisitions.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Orietta Marsili
  • Michael Mayer


    Michael researches how strategies and managerial practices interact with contextual factors and how this impacts on performance.

    Photograph of Professor Michael Mayer standing in front of a wooden-cladded wall
  • Pierre McDonagh


    Pierre researches sustainability, anthropology, equality, sustainable development, marketing and social science.

    Photograph of Professor Pierre McDonagh sat at a table in a meeting room
  • Sheik Meeran

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Sheik researches Tabu Search, neural networks, genetic algorithms, machining, job shop scheduling, sales, decomposition and feature recognition.

  • Andrew Millington

    Emeritus Professor

    Andrew researches business and society, corporate community involvement and ethical supply chain management.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Andrew Millington
  • Eleanor Morgan

    Honorary Senior Lecturer

    Eleanor researches developments in competition policy and its impact on strategy and the economy.

  • Monia Mtar

    Teaching Fellow

    Monia specialises in industry, multinational firms, cross-border acquisitions, institutional theory, market structure and national identity.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Monia Mtar
  • Farooq Mughal

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Farooq's research raises questions for the future of work, with a key focus on alternative modes of organising, leading and learning in the workplace.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Farooq Mughal
  • İbrahim Muter

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    İbrahim researches column generation, linear programming, vehicle routing, Benders decomposition and cutting stock problem.

    Portrait photograph of Dr İbrahim Muter
  • Rajani Naidoo


    Rajani researches markets in higher education, neo-imperialism, the changing nature of academic work and the contribution of universities to global well-being.

    Photograph of Professor Rajani stood in front of a projector screen in a lecture theatre.
  • David Newton

    Professor and Head of Accounting, Finance and Law Division

    David researches derivatives, mathematical finance, asset pricing and a range of related topics.

  • Jens Nordfalt


    Jens is a member of the Marketing, Business and Society division.

    Photograph of Professor Jens Nordfalt stood in front of a brick wall.
  • Peter Nuttall

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Peter researches music, marketing, ceremonial behaviour, collective decision, qualitative research and decision making.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Peter Nuttall
  • Otilia Obodaru


    Otilia is a member of the Strategy and Organisation division.

    Portrait of Otilia Obodaru
  • Bruno Oliveira

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Bruno specialises in education, teaching, entrepreneurship, innovation and management education.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Bruno Oliveira
  • Machaela Parkin

    Teaching Fellow

    Machaela specialises in business and employment law.

    Portrait photograph of Mrs Machaela Parkin
  • Stephen Pavelin


    Stephen researches firms, responsibility, financial service, entrepreneurship, managers, reputation, performance and industry.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Stephen Pavelin
  • Pietro Perotti

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Pietro researches the capital market consequences of accounting information, financial reporting quality and market microstructure.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Pietro Perotti
  • Fotios Petropoulos

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Fotios specialises in statistical and judgemental forecasting.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Fotios Petropoulos
  • Lukasz Piwek

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Data Science

    Lukasz researches cyberpsychology, quantified self with digital devices, social media, data visualisation and machine learning for behavioural profiling.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Lukasz Piwek
  • Emmanouil Platanakis

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Finance

    Emmanouil specialises in portfolio theory, estimation risk management, portfolio management, fintech, cryptofinance, hedge funds and alternative investments.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Emmanouil Platanakis
  • Lynda Porter

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Business Economics

    Lynda researches firms, innovation, industry, performance, diversification and corporate social performance.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Lynda Porter
  • Nancy Puccinelli

    Professor and Head of Marketing Business and Strategy Division

    Nancy researches consumer behaviour, emotions, nonverbal communication, occupational therapy, interpersonal relations and marketing.

  • Fei Qin

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Fei researches personnel, supply chains, industrial plants, technological innovation and workforce strategies.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Fei Qin.
  • Ting Qiu

    Teaching Fellow

    Ting specialises in finance, employability, liquidity, lifelong learning, banking and pricing.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Ting Qui
  • Bruce Rayton


    Bruce researches human resource management and corporate social responsibility, linking HR practices with employee attitudes, financial and social performance.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Bruce Rayton
  • Peter Reason

    Emeritus Professor

    Peter researches open systems, learning systems and sustainable development.

  • Melanie Richards

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Melanie researches family firms, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Melanie Richards.
  • Jens Roehrich


    Jens researches the management and governance of buyer-supplier relationships, supply chains, complex projects and public-private partnerships.

    Photograph of Professor Jens Roehrich in front of a window
  • Yasin Rofcanin


    Yasin researches work design, job crafting, human resource management, work engagement and HR analytics.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Yasin Rofcanin
  • Claire Russell

    Teaching Fellow

    Claire specialises in business, company and commercial contract law.

    Portrait photograph of Claire Russell
  • Rossella Salandra

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Rossella researches innovation, science policy, publication bias and university-industry interaction.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Rossella Salandra
  • Ammon Salter

    Professor and REF Director

    Ammon researches innovation and technology management and university-industry collaboration.

    Photograph of Professor Ammon Salter in front of a window
  • Avi Shankar


    Avi studies consumers and their consumption practices from a cultural perspective.

    Photograph of Professor Avi Shankar in the city of Bath
  • Robin Shields

    Reader in Higher Education Management

    Robin researches globalisation and education, using social network analysis and other quantitative methodologies.

    Photograph of Dr Robin Shields standing in front of the Royal Crescent on a sunny day
  • Gamila Shoib

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Gamila specialises in information, decisions and operations.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Gamila Shoib
  • Michael Shulver

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Michael's interests are in online learning. Current projects: widening participation via blended UG programmes and design of interactive online activities.

    Portrait of Michael Shulver
  • Yvetta Simonyan

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing

    Yvetta’s main research focuses on consumer decision making applied to branding and charitable giving, the effect of marketing on society and marketing ethics.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Yvetta Simonyan
  • Annie Snelson-Powell

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Annie researches sustainability strategy, organisational legitimacy, corporate human rights and management education.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Annie Snelson-Powell
  • Vivek Soundararajan

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Vivek researches labour, stakeholders, governance, exploitation, value creation, global supply chain and environmental sustainability.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Vivek Soundararajan
  • Brian Squire

    Professor and Deputy Dean

    Brian researches supply chains, product development, innovation, visibility, shareholders, industry and substitution reactions.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Brian Squire
  • Lorna Stevens

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Strategic Marketing

    Lorna researches marketing, media consumption, experiential consumption, gender, advertising and consumer culture.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Lorna Stevens
  • Hanwen Sun

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance

    Hanwen researches short selling, corporate finance, family firms, insider trading, corporate governance and institutional investors.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Hanwen Sun
  • Juani Swart

    Professor in Human Capital Management

    Juani researches the management of knowledge and knowledge workers, human capital, cross-boundary work, future of work and complexity.

    Juani Swart talking in front of a window
  • Joanna Syrda

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Business Economics

    Joanna researches marriage, income, gender, financial management, gender-specific factors, health and learning behaviour.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Joanna Syrda
  • Edmund Thompson

    Professor in International Management

    Edmund researches international competitiveness and strategy, international political economy and socio-psychological environments.

  • Philip Tomlinson

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Philip researches industrial strategy, regional development, regional innovation eco-systems/clusters, smart specialisation, innovation networks and governance.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Phil Tomlinson
  • Fanis Tsoligkas

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Fanis researches international financial reputation, value relevance, financial reporting, expenditure, accounting choice and insider trading.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Fanis Tsoligkas
  • Christos Vasilakis


    Christos researches in the area of operational research/management science applied to health and care system problems.

    Photograph of Professor Christos Vasilakis in a hospital room
  • Russ Vince


    Russ researches management and organisational learning, leadership and leadership development, emotion in organisations and systems psychodynamics.

    Russ Vince
  • Timothy Wakeley

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Tim is a pluralist economist with experience of running his own small business. He specialises in the application of economics to management education.

    Portrait photograph of Dr Timothy Wakeley
  • Johanne Ward-Grosvold

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Johanne researches corporate governance, social and environmental management/governance (ESG).

  • Michael Willis

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Michael researches balance sheets, firm valuation, value creation, trade credit, working capital management, neglect and liquidity.

  • Janet Wilson-Ward

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Janet specialises in commercial and company law and employment law.

  • Stephen Wyatt


    Stephen researches international business, agility, uncertainty and leadership development.

    Close up portrait of Professor Stephen Wyatt wearing a stripey blue shirt and tie looking off into the distance.
  • Minmin Xi

    Teaching Fellow

    Minmin is a member of the Accounting, Finance and Law division.

  • Ru Xie

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Finance

    Ru specialises in banking, financial crisis, liquidity risk and international capital markets.

    Photograph of Dr Ru Xie outside a campus building
  • Baris Yalabik

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Baris researches circular economy, microeconomics and use of simulations in management education.

  • Zeynep Yalabik

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Zeynep's reserach focuses on employee engagement, organisational commitment and human resource management.

  • Ania Zalewska

    Professor of Finance

    Ania researches institutional investors' practices, performance and development, financial markets' development and risk, corporate governance and remuneration.

    Portrait photograph of Professor Ania Zalewska
  • Chenjian Zhang

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Chenjian researches entrepreneurs, institutional and organisational change, networking, sensemaking, international business, foreign investment and treaties.

    Portrait of Chenjian Zhang