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Research4Good podcast

Listen to our Research4Good podcast series, where School of Management academics are interviewed about the positive impact of their work.

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Improving society through higher education

In our first episode Professor Rajani Naidoo reflects on the role and responsibilities of a university within a global society. She also speaks about her research into access and inclusion, as well as the unhealthy system of competition within higher education.

Read more about Rajani's work in this profile


Our research is making a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.

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In the School of Management, we want to make a difference. Whether big or small, we think our research should have meaning outside of academia. We aim to affect change in the lives of people across the globe.

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Tackling online extremism

Listen to the second episode of the series, in which Dr Olivia Brown talks about her research in the field of counter-terrorism and how we can use online behaviour to predict offline harm. We also hear about her work into improving the ways emergency services communicate and coordinate when dealing with terror attacks.

Read more about Liv's work in this profile

Making the workplace more inclusive

In our third episode, Dr Luke Fletcher talks about his work on diversity and inclusion at work, specifically around LGBT experiences. He explains the importance of allyship, and what businesses and individuals can do to create actively supportive workplaces to improve the wellbeing of LGBT staff.

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The Research4Good podcast series is hosted by Dr David Ellis. David is a behavioural scientist whose research primarily looks at how data and technology are changing the way we live.