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Difficult conversations in a digital world: Amplifying the voices of responsible business scholars

A Centre for Business, Organisations and Society #thinklist webinar series

  • 5 Aug 2020, 4.00pm to 5 Aug 2020, 5.00pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free
People using social media
The #thinklist events aim to explore how issues of business and society play out on social media


Our esteemed panel of speakers are key members of the online academic community, and feature in this quarter's #thinklist.

This event examined how we communicate online - during what is probably the most turbulent period in recent history - and how social media can be used to solve problems, and move discussions forward.

A panel of speakers, taken from the quarter's #thinklist, considered how business school academics can participate in these conversations in a productive way, asking;

  • Whether social media is a space in which we can learn and listen, or do our echo chambers just reinforce our existing opinions?
  • How we can contribute, and support important causes, from the position of relative privilege in which academics exist?

Navigating the 'New Normal'

The August webinar looked at Navigating the new normal at work. Panellists were asked what impact the pandemic has had on our working lives, and the ripple effect of this on our personal lives, considering especially gender roles, home/work responsibilities, the changing nature of the business school, research, and the role of social media during this time.

The #thinklist

The #thinklist was designed to highlight social media’s most influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business. It was created by the Centre for Business, Organisations and Society in recognition of the value of discussions we have on social media, and in the hope of sharing insights with a wider community.

As we now prepare to relaunch the #thinklist in a new format, we want to examine more deeply how we share ideas online, with a series of webinars.

The first event in the series of the #thinklist relaunch webinars, will take place on 5 August at 4pm BST.

Subsequent events will take place each quarter. These will address major topical issues and examine how faculty thinkers on responsible business can affect change in, and through, social media.

A new approach

Each quarter, we will highlight those we consider to be important thinkers from particular groups or who focus on particular topics. Our criteria will not exclude based on follower count or size of current impact – rather we want to help those people with something important to say to get their voices heard more widely and grow their following.

Because of the disproportionately negative effect that Covid19 has had on the working lives of women, our list for this quarter will focus on women's voices.

Find out more about the new format of the #thinklist

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