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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Unit Catalogue 2011/12

ME50316: Project phase 1

Click here for further information Credits: 6
Click here for further information Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)
Click here for further information Period: Semester 2
Click here for further information Assessment: CW 100%
Click here for further information Supplementary Assessment: ME50316 Re-assessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Click here for further information Requisites:
Click here for further information Description: Aims:
To provide:
* An understanding of the approach to undertaking focussed background research work, and to familiarise students with the methods and techniques used in engineering research and design projects.
* To build up domain knowledge in the area of the specific project.
* To develop a thorough understanding of current practice and its limitations.
* To start the appreciation and anticipation of the new developments and their implications.

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the unit the student will have:
* Acquired, analysed and processed data from a variety of sources.
* Analysed patents, market data, experimental data, research literature, competitor products and make state of the art predictions and benchmarks.
* Produced succinct topic specific research reports, design files, briefing reports.
* Shown sound judgement and initiative in the initial stages of undertaking an engineering project.
* Produced a project plan.

Multi source data and information analysis, data and information synthesis, problem analysis, written communication; working independently, project scoping and planning.

Philosophy of the research process. Surveying prior research. Students will undertake project scoping activity, leading up to full time individual project activity during the summer period. Students will be required to demonstrate understanding of the learning outcomes by way of a project scoping report.
Click here for further informationProgramme availability:

ME50316 is Compulsory on the following programmes:

Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • TEME-AFM04 : MSc Aerospace Engineering (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEME-AFM05 : MSc Automotive Engineering (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEME-AFM10 : MSc Engineering Design (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEME-AFM14 : MSc Engineering Dynamics and Control (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEME-AFM15 : MSc Fluid Power Engineering (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEME-AFM16 : MSc Manufacturing Engineering (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEXX-AFM01 : MSc Mechatronics (Full-time) - Year 1
  • TEME-AFL15 : PG Dip Fluid Power Engineering (Full-time) - Year 1

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