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ED30455: Filmic representations of the sporting popular

Follow this link for further information on academic years Academic Year: 2012/3
Follow this link for further information on owning departmentsOwning Department/School: Department of Education
Follow this link for further information on credits Credits: 6
Follow this link for further information on unit levels Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)
Follow this link for further information on period slots Period: Semester 2
Follow this link for further information on unit assessment Assessment: CW50OT50
Follow this link for further information on supplementary assessment Supplementary Assessment: Coursework reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
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Follow this link for further information on unit content Description: Aims:
The aim of this unit is to interrogate cultural texts (movies) through a focus on how they operate within the material and institutional contexts that structure everyday life. Through locating cultural texts as elements of the cultural terrain within a wider cultural politics, students can begin to understand film as a site through which various discourses are mobilized in regard to the organization and discipline of daily life in the service of particular agendas. Through critical interrogation of, and engagement with, film, the course allows students to:
* Develop the perspectives gained throughout their degree core, contributing to a critical understanding of myriad sporting cultures and experiences as a site of ideological conflict between dominant and subordinate groups over the construction of social identities.
* Produce a cultural text that implicitly addresses and applies a central theoretical construct from the degree programme.

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of the unit, students should be able to:
* Critically engage with film, as with other media representations, as "popular" in the sense of the term to describe those cultural texts consumed by a large audience, functioning as "a continuing tension (relationship, influence and antagonism) to the dominant culture."
* Critically explore sport films as filmic representations of popular culture and thereby teases out how sport movies (re)present competing discourses on bodies, politics, class, gender, race, multiculturalism, and sexuality.
* Understand film as a space of educated hopes and hypermediated experiences that connect the personal and the social by bridging the contradictory and overlapping relations between private discourses and public life.
* Critically engage with film as a site of critical pedagogy; that is, as a pedagogical space for addressing how a society views itself and the public world of power, events, politics and institutions and as a space that can use film as a space for conscienization, the possibility of interpretation as intervention.

Analysis of research and reflection (F/A)
Analysis of research and reflection (F/A)
Independent work (F)
Qualitative research skills
Written communication (A)
Oral presentation and communication
Plan work, agree responsibilities and overcome difficulties in working with others
Problem exploration, comparison of options, justification of complex problem solving
Read and synthesis information from a variety of sources about a complex subject
Integrated, cross-disciplinary, intercultural understanding of film (F/A)

Through engagement with sport film, students will study topics such as:
* Film, Critical Pedagogy & Conscienziation
* The Cultural Politics of the Filmic Popular
* Progressive Femininities, the (Abject) Body & Assisted Dying
* Neoliberalism, the consumption of masculine crisis and the Homoertoic continuum
* Sport, Film & Racial Politics
* The Celluloid Sporting Nation / Stylish Hybridity: Multiculturalism, Britishness & the Global Popular
* Bodies and Organs: Consumerism, Globalization and Bio-Politics
* Film Production, Editing & Narrative.
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ED30455 is Compulsory on the following programmes:

Department of Education
  • UHED-AFB01 : BA (hons) Coach Education & Sports Development (Full-time) - Year 3
  • UHED-AKB01 : BA (hons) Coach Education & Sports Development (Full-time with Thick Sandwich Placement) - Year 4
  • UHED-AFB08 : BA (hons) Sport & Social Sciences (Full-time) - Year 3
  • UHED-AKB08 : BA (hons) Sport & Social Sciences (Full-time with Thick Sandwich Placement) - Year 4

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