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BB20221: Human physiology in health and disease

Follow this link for further information on academic years Academic Year: 2018/9
Further information on owning departmentsOwning Department/School: Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Further information on credits Credits: 6      [equivalent to 12 CATS credits]
Further information on notional study hours Notional Study Hours: 120
Further information on unit levels Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)
Further information on teaching periods Period:
Semester 1
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Summary: EX 90%, MC 10%
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Detail:
  • Multiple Choice Test (MC 10%)
  • Examination (EX 90%)
Further information on supplementary assessment Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Further information on requisites Requisites: Before taking this module you must take HL10034 AND take HL10182
Further information on descriptions Description: Aims:
To provide students with an understanding of fundamental aspects of physiology and how the healthy and disease states of the physiological system relate to each other.

Learning Outcomes:
After taking this course the student should be able to:
* Describe cell and tissue structure and function in healthy and diseased states
* Explain how the body works in relation to the normal and diseased physiological processes.

Knowledge and understanding T/F/A, Intellectual skills F/A, Written communication T/F/A, Numeracy F/A, Data acquisition, handling, and analysis T/F/A, Information technology T/F, Working independently and in groups T/F

Endocrinology with particular emphasis on hypopituitary-adrenal axis and the pancreatic beta-cell models of hormonal control; Cushing's disease and diabetes as exemplars; Gastroenterological function with particular focus on the liver; Crigler-Najjar syndrome; Familial hypercholesterolaemia; Glycogen storage disease;The renal system; Nephropathy; Cardiovascular physiology; Coronary heart disease
Before taking this module you must take HL10034 AND take HL10182
While taking this module you must take BB20222 AND take HL20185
Further information on programme availabilityProgramme availability:

BB20221 is Optional on the following programmes:

Department of Biology & Biochemistry
  • UXXX-AFB11 : BSc(Hons) Biomedical Sciences (Year 2)
  • UXXX-AKB11 : BSc(Hons) Biomedical Sciences with Professional Placement (Year 2)