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MN30625: Developing new products and services - theory

Follow this link for further information on academic years Academic Year: 2018/9
Further information on owning departmentsOwning Department/School: School of Management
Further information on credits Credits: 6      [equivalent to 12 CATS credits]
Further information on notional study hours Notional Study Hours: 120
Further information on unit levels Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)
Further information on teaching periods Period:
Semester 1
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Summary: CW 30%, EX 70%
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Detail:
  • Coursework (CW 30% - Qualifying Mark: 35)
  • Exam (EX 70% - Qualifying Mark: 35)
Further information on supplementary assessment Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Further information on requisites Requisites: Before taking this module you must take MN10573 OR take MN20016 OR take MN20081
Further information on descriptions Description: Aims:
Innovation (of goods and services) is fundamental to the continued success of businesses and their brands. The aim of this module is to introduce students to the analytical principles and management practices of innovation and new product development.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this unit students will be able to:
* Understand the strategic role and importance of innovation to business success
* Explain the factors underlying the success or failure of new products.

This unit is designed to develop students' intellectual, practical and key transferable skills in the following ways:
* Written communication skills (F/ A)
* Creative, analytical and evaluative skills (F/ A).


* What is New Product Development and Innovation?
* The business case for innovation.
* Market Driven Innovation
* Brand Driven Innovation
* Design-driven Innovation
* Open Innovation
* The New Product Development Process (x2)
* Managing for Innovation: People and Practices
* Sustaining Innovation: Capabilities and Policies.
Further information on programme availabilityProgramme availability:

MN30625 is Compulsory on the following programmes:

School of Management
  • UMMN-AKB05 : BSc(Hons) Management with Marketing with Year long work placement (Year 4)

MN30625 is Optional on the following programmes:

School of Management
  • UMMN-ANB01 : BSc(Hons) Business Administration with Thin sandwich placement(s) (Year 4)
  • UMMN-AYB06 : BSc(Hons) International Management with Year Abroad (Year 4)
  • UMMN-AFB04 : BSc(Hons) Management (Year 3)
  • UMMN-AKB04 : BSc(Hons) Management with Year long work placement (Year 4)