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EL10504: Contemporary literature & film of the British Isles

[Page last updated: 27 May 2022]

Academic Year: 2022/3
Owning Department/School: Skills Centre
Credits: 6 [equivalent to 12 CATS credits]
Notional Study Hours: 120
Level: Certificate (FHEQ level 4)
Semester 2
Assessment Summary: CW 100%
Assessment Detail:
  • Essay (CW 25%)
  • Presentation (CW 25%)
  • Timed Essay (CW 50%)
Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Learning Outcomes: Having completed this unit students will be able to:
* identify themes common in post-Second World War literature of the British Isles
* identify and locate literature from different regions of the British Isles
* make connections between literary texts and their social, political, regional and artistic contexts
* apply a variety of methods of critical analysis to literary texts and films
* analyse verbal and non-verbal communication in film
* analyse translation from text to film
* analyse contemporary literary language
* identify characteristics of British film
* identify themes common in British film
* identify and locate film from different regions of the British Isles
* make connections between films and their social, political, regional, artistic and commercial contexts
* make connections between British, European and North American films.

Aims: To gain an overview of the kind of literature and films emerging in recent years from various regions of the British Isles.

Skills: Having completed this unit students will be able to:
* introduce and discuss individually researched material to others (F/A)
* apply a variety of methods of critical analysis to text (F/A)
* give seminar presentations, learning to suit their material to their audience and to lead discussion and encourage participation (F/A).

Content: 1) Talking Heads 2 by Alan Bennett (monologues)
2) The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter (short stories; film versions)
3) The Commitments by Roddy Doyle (novel and film)
4) A selection of poetry from various parts of the British Isles
5) Additional films will be selected from the following list:
* Clockwise
* Shirley Valentine
* Four Weddings and a Funeral
* Trainspotting
* The Full Monty
* The Blue Boy
* East is East
* The Remains of the Day
* The Wrong Trousers
Students will be expected to watch a number of videos provided by the tutor. Students will also be encouraged to visit the cinema, to watch a new British film.
The themes of Place, Class and Humour, Fairytale, Dream and Transformation will be discussed in relation to texts and films on this unit.

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