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Postgraduate Programme & Unit Catalogues 2022/23

MRes Programmes in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

NB. Programmes marked with an asterisk (*) are not recruiting new students in 2022/23

Programmes in Department of Education

Programmes in Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences

THXX-AFM81 MRes Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences (Full-time)
THXX-AFM82 MRes Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM81 MRes Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences (Part-time)

Programmes in Education

THXX-AFM11 MRes Education (Full-time)
THXX-AFM21 MRes Education (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM05 MRes Education (Part-time)

Programmes in Department of Economics

Programmes in Economics

THXX-AFM20 MRes Economics (Full-time)
THXX-AFM28 MRes Economics (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM20 MRes Economics (Part-time)

Programmes in Department for Health

Programmes in Health & Wellbeing

THXX-AFM42 MRes Health & Wellbeing (Full-time)
THXX-AFM43 MRes Health & Wellbeing (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM42 MRes Health & Wellbeing (Part-time)

Programmes in Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies

Programmes in Politics & International Studies

THXX-AFM50 MRes Politics & International Studies (Full-time)
THXX-AFM51 MRes Politics & International Studies (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM50 MRes Politics & International Studies (Part-time)

Programmes in Department of Psychology

Programmes in Psychology

THXX-AFM13 MRes Psychology (Full-time)
THXX-AFM23 MRes Psychology (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM07 MRes Psychology (Part-time)

Programmes in Sustainable Futures

THXX-AFM56 MRes Sustainable Futures (Full-time)
THXX-APM56 MRes Sustainable Futures (Part-time)

Programmes in Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Programmes in Global Political Economy

THXX-AFM57 MRes Global Political Economy (Full-time)
THXX-AFM80 MRes Global Political Economy (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM57 MRes Global Political Economy (Part-time)

Programmes in European Social Policy

THXX-AFM15 MRes European Social Policy (Full-time)
THXX-AFM25 MRes European Social Policy (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)

Programmes in International Development

THXX-AFM12 MRes International Development (Full-time)
THXX-AFM22 MRes International Development (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM06 MRes International Development (Part-time)

Programmes in Security, Conflict & Human Rights

THXX-AFM58 MRes Security, Conflict & Human Rights (Full-time)
THXX-APM58 MRes Security, Conflict & Human Rights (Part-time)

Programmes in Social Policy

THXX-AFM14 MRes Social Policy (Full-time)
THXX-AFM24 MRes Social Policy (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM08 MRes Social Policy (Part-time)

Programmes in Social Work

THXX-AFM30 MRes Social Work (Full-time)
THXX-AFM31 MRes Social Work (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM21 MRes Social Work (Part-time)

Programmes in Sociology

THXX-AFM18 MRes Sociology (Full-time)
THXX-AFM26 MRes Sociology (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM18 MRes Sociology (Part-time)