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SP20258: Mental health social work 1

[Page last updated: 01 August 2022]

Academic Year: 2022/23
Owning Department/School: Department of Social & Policy Sciences
Credits: 6 [equivalent to 12 CATS credits]
Notional Study Hours: 120
Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)
Semester 2
Assessment Summary: CW 100%
Assessment Detail:
  • Assessment Group S: Coursework (100%) (CW 100% - Qualifying Mark: 40)
  • Assessment Group N: Coursework (100%) (CW 100%)
Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Learning Outcomes: By the end of the unit students should have the knowledge and understanding of:
1. Social, psychological, medical, service user and carer perspectives on mental health; The role of the social worker within a range of mental health settings; PCF 1.2, 5.12, 7.11
2. How mental health law, capacity law and mental health policy impacts on practice; PCF 2.1;4.2;4.3; 4.5, 5.2; 8.3
3. The impact of mental health problems on the individual, the family/group and on society; Models of assessment and ways of responding to need and risk within The Care Program Approach; How social work ethics can be applied to different mental health contexts; The perspectives of service users, carers and professionals and how these contribute towards the delivery of services; and the development of practice; The evidence-base for intervention in relation to mental health problems; PCF; 2.4; 5.4; 5.7; 5.8; 6.2; 6.6; 7.4

* To ensure that students meet both the Standards of Proficiency (HCPC) and Professional Capabilities Framework (TCSW) in relation to mental health social work practice;
* To critically examine different perspectives on mental health including social, psychological, medical, user and carer views;
* To provide students with a broad understanding of key mental health research and their implications for practice;
* To demonstrate a critical understanding of the legal and policy frameworks and guidance that inform and mandate social work practice, recognizing the scope for professional action;
* To develop students' knowledge and skills for social work practice with mental health service users and their carers in multi-professional settings and in private, voluntary and social enterprise organisations;

Skills: After completing the unit students should have the INTELLECTUAL / KEY SKILLS to:
1. Understand and apply the profession's ethical principles and legislation, taking account of these in reaching decisions (taught, facilitated and assessed); PCF 2.1; 2.2
2. Reflect on and review practice demonstrating a capacity for logical, systematic, critical and imaginative reasoning (facilitated and assessed); PCF 6.1; 6.4;
3. Develop critical, analytical problem-based learning skills and the transferable skills to prepare the student for graduate employment (facilitated and assessed); PCF 1.1; 6.2; 6.6
4. Gather information, data, research and literature from a number of different sources (taught, facilitated and assessed); PCF6.2
5. Select appropriate and relevant information from a wide source and large body of knowledge (facilitated and assessed); PCF 6.2; 6.5
6. Analyse and synthesise information from a number of sources in order to gain a coherent understanding (facilitated and assessed); PCF 6.2; 6.3
7. Utilise problem solving skills (assessed); PCF 6.1; 6.4
Students should also have the PROFESSIONAL/PRACTICAL SKILLS to:
8. Value and take into account the expertise of service users, carers and professionals (taught, facilitated and assessed); PCF2.4; 5.12; 7.5
9. To develop effective communication skills in relation to mental health work (taught, facilitated); PCF7.1; 7.2; 7.3
10. Demonstrate a critical understanding of theory and knowledge from sociology, social policy, psychology and health (taught, facilitated and assessed); PCF5.1
11. Critically evaluate and assess mental health research (taught, facilitated and assessed);PCF5.11
12. Use research evidence to inform their practice (taught, facilitated and assessed); PCF5.1; 5.10
13. Reflect upon their own academic and professional performance and take responsibility for personal and professional learning and development (taught, facilitated and assessed); PCF1.3; 1.9; 1.10
14. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the legal and policy contexts that inform and mandate social work practice (taught, facilitated, assessed); PCF5.2
15. Understand the different social and organisational contexts in which social work operates and the role and responsibility of social workers within mental health services (taught, facilitated, assessed); PCF 3.2; 3.3; 8.1; 8.2; 8.3

* The history of mental health and mental disorder
* Social, psychological and medical models of mental disorder
* The Mental Capacity Act 2005
* The Mental Health Act 1983 and The Mental Health Act 2007
* The Care Program Approach and assessment
* Service user and carer perspectives on mental health,
* Working with mood disorders (including suicide and acts of self harm)
* Working with people who suffer from psychosis
* Working with eating disorders
* Working with dual diagnosis
* Working with dementia.

Programme availability:

SP20258 is a Designated Essential Unit on the following programmes:

Department of Social & Policy Sciences
  • UHSP-AFB15 : BSc(Hons) Social Work and Applied Social Studies (Year 2)

SP20258 is Compulsory on the following programmes:

Department of Social & Policy Sciences


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