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Academic Leadership Allowances

Information on allowances, and consolidation, for those undertaking an academic leadership position.


Those who undertake academic leadership roles contribute significantly to the success of their departments/faculties and the wider University.

The value of Academic Responsibility Allowances are detailed below. These allowances are non-pensionable and paid in addition to the basic salary.

With effect from 1 August 2022 new allowances were agreed for those undertaking Academic Leadership Positions. These are as follows:

Position Allowance amount (per annum)
Deputy Dean £10,000
Head of Department £8,000
Associate Dean £8,000
Head of Division within a School £6,000
Head of Institute £6,000
Deputy Head of Department £5,000
Head of Division within a Department £5,000

Please note: these are pro-rated if the role is undertaken as a job share.


From 1 August 2022, when you leave your role 20% of your allowance will be consolidated into your basic pay for every year served, up to a maximum of 100%, subject to satisfactory performance, and you will be moved to the closest Spine Point higher than this.

If, when the allowance is consolidated into your basic pay, it takes you beyond the top of your grade /pay band, you will be placed on a spot salary equal to the value to the basic pay plus the consolidated allowance and you will remain at your current grade/pay band.

All other terms and conditions on contracts remain unchanged.

Example of consolidated allowance, when the position ends:

Deputy Head of Department: Tenure: 31 July 2020 until 31 July 2023.

  • 20% of £3,000 pa from 1 July 2020 to 31 July 2022, so the allowance consolidated would be: £1,200 (£600 per year x 2 years).
  • 20% of £5,000 pa from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023, so the allowance consolidated would be: £1,000.
  • If on 1 Dec 22 they were on £70,269 (sp54) the total consolidation would be: £70,269 + £1,200 + £1,000 = £72,469.
  • As this is not a Spine Point, they would be aligned to the next highest Spine Point, which is SP56, £73,107.

Please note, salaries correct at time of publishing.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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