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Bath Centre for Mindfulness and Community mission

Discover our mission and the work we do in research and practice to make Bath more mindful and compassionate.


A group of adults (the BSMC leadership team) posing outdoors while smiling.
BCMC leadership team (from left): Dr Ben Ainsworth, Dr Melissa Atkinson, Prof Paul Chadwick, Dr Pamela Jacobsen and Dr Elizabeth Marks.

Our mission

The importance of mindfulness and community are well-recognised, at a governmental level in the All Party Parliamentary Report Mindful Nation UK (2015), and in the foundational values of the NHS.

In higher education there is recognition that ‘The time for mindfulness in universities has come’, not only to combat the growing crisis in student mental health, but also to benefit staff and the wider university environment.

The Bath Centre for Mindfulness and Community (BCMC) is a unique partnership between academic researchers and Student Services.

This means that as well as focussing on research excellence and impact, the centre is aligned with and contributes to university initiatives to improve well-being in all students and staff, and in the wider community.

Our research

The centre was established in 2019 by a team of experts at the University of Bath. So far, we have conducted pioneering scientific research establishing mindfulness for asthma, body image, eating disorders, persistent depression, psychosis and tinnitus.

We have received over £1.6million in competitive grants: funders include government (NIHR, HEFCE), research councils (MRC) and national charities.

We've authored 30+ peer-reviewed publications, including top journals in the field (e.g. British Journal of Psychiatry, Behaviour Research and Therapy, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology) and several articles with 100+ citations in Scopus.

Our practice

A key aim of our Centre is to support wellbeing by providing high-quality, research-lead Mindfulness training for students and staff.

We aim to run courses frequently throughout the year - lead by trained clinical psychologists and mindfulness instructors. The courses run for 4 weeks, and involve a weekly group practice session (on university campus, or in Bath city centre) as well as providing materials to practice at home with. Courses for the upcoming year are currently in preparation.

Our trained experts are also able to take commissions for mindfulness supervision within the NHS and other institutions. This can be conducted remotely. Get in touch with Dr Pamela Jacobsen to express interest.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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