The winner of the 2022 prize is: Adam Frey, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Past Winners

Year Name Department
2021 Luke Walmsley School of Management
2020 Cicely Hayes Department of Psychology
2019 Leen Jabban Electronic and Electrical Engineering
2018 Hannah Morris Mathematical Sciences
2017 Emma Partridge Politics, Languages and International Studies
2016 Ludi Wang Economics
2015 Jemima Tabeart Mathematical Sciences
2014 Cristina Dumitru Pharmacy and Pharmacology
2013 Yiannis Eftychiou Mechanical Engineering
2012 Kate Aldridge Physics
2011 Ben Lane Mechanical Engineering
2010 Ruth Fitzpatrick Psychology
2009 Susan Sadek Psychology
2008 Jack Mitchell European Studies and Modern Languages
2007 Fredrik Harboe Management
2006 Andrew Edwards and Rebecca Plappert (joint award) Physics
2005 Heather MacKenzie Pharmacy and Pharmacology
2004 Thomas Vincent Mechanical Engineering
2003 Stuart Snell Chemical Engineering
2002 Barrie Cooper Mathematical Sciences
2001 Hannah Spencer Sports and Exercise Science
Andrew Leather Natural Sciences
(joint award)
2000 Damien Le Gresley Electronic and Electrical Engineering
1999 David Lawton Physics
1998 Adam English European Studies and Modern Languages
1997 Anjli Shah International Modern Languages
Matthew Bowers Electronic and Electrical Engineering
(joint award)
1996 Gary Weston Electronic and Electrical Engineering
1995 Paul Lapworth Mechanical Engineering
1994 Abigail Stott Mathematical Sciences