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Claiming for foreign travel

You can claim for foreign travel expenses when you travel for University business.


Expenditure for University business – foreign travel

The key information relevant to claims for travelling in connection with University business in the UK is also applicable to foreign travel.

The exchange rate to use when making a claim for expenditure incurred in a foreign currency should be either:

  • the rate charged for conversion into the foreign currency
  • the rate current at the time of the expenditure as quoted in the UK financial press.

It is advisable to provide evidence of the exchange rate used in making your claim e.g. the receipt from the exchange of currency whilst abroad.

  • Purchases by credit card – the preferred rate of exchange to be used is the rate of exchange on the credit card statement. A copy of the statement should be submitted with the claim. (It is advisable to obscure the credit card number from statements). Alternatively, the rate current at the time of expenditure as quoted in the UK financial press may be used
  • If the claim exceeds the UK subsistence rates, receipts must be provided to justify the additional cost
  • If claims are complex or expenditure is incurred over a period of time please schedule expenditure on a separate sheet. A suggested pro-forma schedule is attached
  • The University offers a service of foreign travel advance to individuals where it is known that they will be incurring large amounts of expenditure over an extended period of time. Advances are not normally given for amounts of less than £100

To claim a travel expenses log in to Agresso.

Please see the Agresso website for instructions on how to make a claim.

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