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Claiming for UK travel

Notes for travel and subsistence expenditure for University business in the UK.


  • The University will reimburse staff for reasonable expenditure necessarily incurred in the course of the University’s business
  • Claims submitted to the Finance Office more than six months following the date that the expenditure was incurred will not be reimbursed
  • Original receipts or vouchers, except for claims within the University’s subsistence rates, must support claims for reimbursement of expenses
  • Claims for travel by private car will require proof of adequate insurance cover by the claimant
  • Where claims are complex please schedule expenditure on a separate sheet and enter the totals on the claim form. A suggested pro-forma schedule is attached
  • Travel from home to normal place of work is not normally an allowable expense. Allowable claims for journeys from home to work will be taxable and paid through the payroll. The form “Claim for Journeys from Home to Work” should be used
  • Travel by rail and air should normally be by second class rail or economy air fare and applies to all University staff regardless of status or source of funds. Travel other than by second class rail or economy air fare is permissible, where to do so is more efficient and, in the case of air travel, where the travel involves more than 10 hours flying time. The agreement of the Head of Department must be obtained and justification must be given

The University will also provide advances for UK business within the UK where:

  • a temporary float is need to fund a specific activity
  • extended travel is required where it may be impractical or unreasonable to reimburse the expenditure in the usual way

To claim a travel expenses log in to Agresso.

Please see the Agresso website for instructions on how to make a claim.

Essential information required when making a travel claim

  • Purpose of Journey – Please enter as much detail as possible as to the reason for making the journey
  • Travel by private car – the names of the passengers
  • Subsistence and Incidental Costs – the number of days covered by the claim
  • Entertaining – an explanation of the purpose of the entertaining, the names and organisations of those attending
  • Air/rail travel other than second/economy class - approval of the Head of Department and a justification for the method of travel

Further guidance

For further guidance on the completion of claim forms please see the Travel, subsistence and expenses page.

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