About Curriculum Planner and the information on this page

Curriculum Planner is an online tool which is being used by the University to facilitate changes to some of its existing courses and modules.

The information on this page is directed at staff who will use Curriculum Planner to administer those changes, and provides information about the resources and support available.

Resources and support

Training Materials

A variety of training materials have been prepared to support your use of Curriculum Planner. Training materials can be found in two places.

Microsoft Stream

A specialised Microsoft Stream group, 'Curriculum Planner Training', includes training videos which are organised into channels for each Curriculum Planner workflow. Microsoft Stream channels work like playlists, and help you to arrange all of the information you need in one place.

Any formal training sessions we do will also be recorded and uploaded to the Curriculum Planner Training group, so if you are unable to attend a session you can access it there at a later date, and work through things at your own pace.

SAMIS Manuals wiki

A specialised Curriculum Planner page has been created within the SAMIS Manuals Wiki, if you'd like to supplement your learning independently. Extensive manuals, flowcharts, and supporting documents have been published here for your use.

SREO-SAMIS support team

One-to-one support is also available through the SREO-SAMIS Support Team, and we would encourage you to make use of this. If you require any additional support, or would like to enquire about training, please contact us directly using the details at the top of this page.

Changes that can be made via Curriculum Planner

Courses and modules for 2022/23 which have yet to be transformed

  • If you’d like to make changes to courses or modules that haven’t yet been transformed for delivery in 2022/23, please contact your Faculty Assistant Registrar in the first instance.

Transformed courses and modules which have been approved for 2022/23

  • Changes to courses which have been formally transformed and approved, and launch in 2022/23, are discouraged, although it may be possible to make changes in specific circumstances. Please discuss any potential changes with your FAR who will be able to advise which changes are permissible.