The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a site licence for all the academic software that you will need as part of your degree, but if you wish to buy a new laptop/computer here is some advice about on the specifications that might be useful.

• Intel laptop i5 or i7

• Minimum Windows 10 (64 bit)

• Minimum 8 gigs of RAM but preferably 16Gb

• Hard Drive minimum 500 Gigabyte and preferably SSD

• A dedicated graphics card to run Inventor and Fusion 360

Part of the first semester Design Course focuses on producing engineering drawings to internationally recognised standards. In order to undertake this work, there are certain pieces of drawing equipment that are required, and others that you may find helpful. You will need this equipment for the second week of the semester, and often the shops in Bath will sell out with over 200 students all searching out the same “kit”. We therefore thought it might be useful to let you have an idea of what is needed prior to your arrival so that you may source it at home or on-line.

• Pencil(s) : Ideally you need propelling pencils of two different thicknesses. The official standard is one of 0.3mm the other 0.7mm. If you are heavy handed, you will find it much easier to use 0.5mm and 0.9mm

• Ruler : 300mm ruler

• Set square : Either get a 30˚ and 45˚ (the small ones in a “Maths Set” are too small) or get an adjustable one (if getting an adjustable one avoid getting one that is too big 250mm/10” is plenty)

• Eraser : Unless you never make mistakes!

• Erasing Shield: this will be very useful in helping you to modify areas of a detailed drawing by covering the good lines so that you can easily rub out only those lines for redrawing

• Compass : The cheap little compasses that you can clip your pencil in (that come in a maths set) are simply not good enough. You need one that locks and ideally with thumb screw adjustment. Sometimes they come in a set with a little one and a large one. We suggest you don’t go mad, just get the single larger one. A Circle Template is far more use than the small compass

The Department will issue you with an A3 drawing board, which you will have throughout your first year to produce engineering drawings for the Design units. At the end of semester 2, we will collect the drawing boards back from you.

Along with the A3 drawing boards, we will supply you with A3 paper.