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Doing a PhD at the Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS)

Part of our mission is to develop a new generation of informed and skilled researchers.


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Help shape future thinking on governance and regulation by embarking on a PhD with us.

While we are committed to contributing to important economic, financial and societal challenges through our research, we devote great effort to raising new generations of researchers though our PhD supervision.

Our students work on a broad range of issues covering many topics in:

  • finance (eg. development of financial markets, development of institutional investors, firms’ capital decision making, systemic risk, green finance, etc.)
  • economics (eg. productivity puzzle, development and innovation strategies, regional development), and
  • social sciences in general (eg. tobacco industry practices and regulation).

The vast majority of our PhD graduates stay in academia, but some join professional bodies and contribute to the economic/finance/societal evolution by designing regulation and strategic decisions.

See our members’ web pages to learn about their specific interests and readiness to undertake new PhD projects.

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